The $11.4-billion question for Petronas

Its not Grants fault that hes unaware ofsunk costsand how Canadas loonie affects the marginal cost of production.

“Dare to Dream” you Westcoast rousing rabblers

You sure have an obsession with this, way too much time on your hands… LOL

But you Gracies_Mom have time to read, and to Laugh out loud(by the way, LOL is so lame(stale)

Is the idea that the more links you post, the more you convince people you are right?

Because I hate to tell you, but the opposite is happening.

When you were 100% sure of an NDP victory in the last election, were you posting as many links trying to convince others?

Also, I don’t think a person who doesn’t know how to use an apostrophe (and parentheses too, apparently) gets to tell others what is and what isn’t lame.

Is that the best you can come up with ? Like I said before, you don’t live here so why do you care if this project goes ahead or not ? You can spend all the time you want looking for internet articles trying to prove your point. No one knows what the final decision will be, not even speculators.

First off…You present strawman arguments mig, as does investor and gracies mom,

Christy Clark promised a trillion dollars in economic activity, a $1oo billion dollar prosperity fund, the elimination of the B.C. sales tax and a 100,000 lbg jobs(from from three terminals only)

BC Liberals conned the whole province, it is the whole province of BC Hydro ratepayers that are going to get higher hydro rates because of $15 billion dollar Site C dam…Site C dam is/was/ being constructed to provide free power for the LNG industry…(what industry)

So…This isn■t just about Prince Rupert…

Apostrophe, dot, whatever, …All my comments here are about the topic on hand…

You people want to shoot the messenger…

Sglider was the one who posted my link to a thread on your site weeks ago…

I noticed a handful of hits emanating from here, so I checked it out…I would have never found this obscure site otherwise.

It will be early March/2016 when Petronas officially pulls the plug.


What strawman argument have I presented?

All I see is you posting link after link after link, and never really addressing anybody’s points.

I’m wondering if you think that is convincing people that you’re right? I think it’s having the opposite effect. Can you answer that question?

stglider (not sglider) signed up in December, 2015. You signed up in May 2015. This site is so obscure that you used a time machine to find it.

Your first appearance, accents grave included:

Again, try to address poster’s points and questions, and you’ll get further than just blindly posting links and ignoring any challenges.

And if you think I’m against you, then perhaps you should read some of my post history.

We’ll be back in March to see if you’re right.

actually PLA I was referring to jab63’s comments! nothing to do with u!

I wonder if Grant G is Fred Garcon on Facebook. This Fred Garcon posts similar stuff, its also a fake account.

Does he use accents grave instead of apostrophes?

Actually I c the Investor repeating himself over an over until he actually believes himself and hopes someone else will also! and what is the big deal about by his apostrophe? ??

Anybody willing to translate this?

Using Google Translate, I translated it into Uzbek and then back into English. Here it is:
He actually believes in himself, and I hope someone else will actually Investor overly repetitive v! and it is a great deal to do with its cutting?

Not much difference really…

Except it changed a very negative sentence in to an enthusiastic one.

OMV, Petronas launch oil talks with Iran

Petronas and Iran started serious talks once it was clear Iran’s sanctions were being lifted…

The date of the above link November 11th/2015…two months ago…

Say hello to Mr Kristoff for me would ya?

You still haven’t explained why you called him a racist.

Perhaps this will answer your question,Read this, and listen to the podcast…

Why Petronas LNG Proposal Is Caput(podcast) and Meet Murray Kristoff, The Racist Port Edward Councilor

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why Petronas LNG Proposal Is Caput(podcast) and Meet Murray Kristoff, The Racist Port Edward Councilor

Final vote today, unanimous rejection, wrong location…Move your site Petronas or go away, three strikes, you`re out!

A very good discussion on Petronas`s LNG proposal takes place in this podcast, …

Petronas and the Christy Clark Government have failed to have any meaningful discussions with First Nations…Time for another supreme court law suit, this time against Petronas and the BC Government…

First things first, listen to the below podcast, (20 minutes)

Listen to the trucking company owner Murray Christoff spew racist crap …

Murray Kristoff states, and I quote…“This particular band(Lax Kw’alaams)
has given its members what appears to be voting power over this project, whereas we have never heard of any other bands doing such a thing, its been a long time coming for this project as everyone knows, now its in the hands of those type of voters”

Really Murray Kristoff, “those type of voters”…you mean First Nations who own the land, First Nations that receive a bounty of salmon every year from the Skeena river, thousands of years of reliable salmon to be wiped out…

I``m thrilled to learn that racist bastards like you exist…Could it be that you are concerned for your own wealth?..A former Port Edward councilor who endorsed Petronas`s project while on council, …What have you been promised Murray?

Imagine that, people like you Murray Kristoff deciding to kill a major salmon river, destroy a salmon estuary and rearing grounds so you can reap windfall profits!..

Hello readers, you can hear Murray Kristoff speak on the podcast, prepare to be outraged…

Murray, can we talk?..LNG, after 25 years, 40 years when Petronas has gone, the gas depleted, no more salmon in the Skeena, no sockeye, no pinks, no chinook salmon…Thousands of years of a sustainable fishery wiped out for your personal gain…And…Petronas`s offer at first glance appears large, but in reality it works out to about $10 dollars per day per member, how much do you bill per hour for one of your trucks Murray?

Murray, there are other locations in Prince Rupert Harbour, yes, those locations would require more investment, rock blasting, …Not an easy to build on flat eel grass estuary, …BG(British gas) has a location they wont be using, Shell Canadas location is available as is CONOOC location is available, those companies have bailed on BC LNG…


Yeah, I did listened to his radio interview.

So how’s he racist? lol

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