Petronas not going forward, nat gas glut, glut, glut

_“That’s bad news for Petronas-led Pacific NorthWest LNG, which looks unlikely to take a final investment decision (FID) any time soon, the agency says.”

Hello Mig…Hi Investor…Did I mention that India has signed longterm LNG buying contracts with Qatar…The price?

Below $5 dollars per MMBTUs

"Costs of importing chilled gas into India have dropped sharply in 2015 after India’s largest LNG importer, Petronet signed a revised long-term contract with RasGas of Qatar.

According to India’s minister for petroleum and natural gas, Dharmendra Pradhan, LNG prices for imports from Qatar have dropped below $5 per MMBtu due to the revised long-term deal.

India, the third-largest energy consumer in the world, imports LNG via Petronet’s Dahej and Kochi LNG terminals, Shell’s Hazira plant, and the Dabhol terminal operated by Ratnagiri Gas and Power."

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Welcome Back Grant!

What happened to your prediction that Petronas would “pull the plug in Early March 2016”?

Were you wrong about that prediction?


Holy hell… HE’S ALIVE!!!

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My prediction was correct…The economics for the project died, my timeline was correct too…These big energy companies never really leave, …and they sill have trouble believing the LNG gravy train is over…

When I wrote a Straight Goods special last summer…August 21/2015

British Columbia LNG Industry, The Last Gas§…A Straight Goods Special

When I wrote that article the viability of BC’s proposed LNG projects had already wilted, however, like I said, big energy companies, big corporations never admit the severity of a problem, never admit failure until the bitter end…Blackberry comes to mind…BreX…even Lululemon…And you must have noticed Christy Clark and Rich Coleman have stopped talking about LNG…It will be like LNG didn’t exist, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil…BC Liberals will not be talking LNG…either will our captured legislative reporting gang…“the demented bunch”

Petronas stated on the record just weeks ago that even if they get a Federal approval there is no certainty of a FID…Stated they’ll have to talk to their equity partners

Petronas owns land in BC, as does Shell Canada and Woodfibre…the land they own, those energy companies got the land for near pennies, hardly worth their time to sell the land back…

The LNG glut will now extend through 2026…So, if Petronas shelves their project, reschedules for a possible 2027 startup, construction beginning in 2023…

Will you Mig still be pestering me about Petronas, claiming i’m wrong, even if Petronas announces construction to begin in 2025…?2030…?

How many decades am I on the hook for…?

Ya who really cares about the exact date! It’s just not happening!

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Grant’s prediction of an NDP election win was correct too. Just hasn’t happened yet. But just you wait.

The point is that this guy pretends to have expert knowledge about something, and makes a 100% absolutely happening claim that something is going to happen.

Then it doesn’t.

He’s like one of these TV psychics. Sooner or later he’ll be right about something.


Oh Mig…Have you not got tastier bait?..Altagas…Shell Canada…Chevron in Kitimat…

They have/had all the needed permitting to build their projects…They walked away because the economics were poor, really poor…no return on investment…

One more thing Mig…About that NDP election win…in 2013…Everyone in British Columbia, including future generations, including BC Liberal voters…in 2013 all British Columbia lost with the election of Christy Clark…The “$trillion dollar lie”

Well you were wrong on the date. Its still not dead yet, that’s just your wishful hoping. Regardless though, we do have the propane facility on Ridley which looks to be more of a sure bet. I’ll take the BC Liberals over the BC NDP any day. Can’t say many I know have suffered ill effects from the Liberals. All those port jobs here have been a windfall for many with more to come once the expansion is finished at Fairview.

once Lax Kwallams approves the deal with a $1.5 billion dollar deal with Petronas guess what it will go ahead. Metlakatla already has handed out $4000 to each member from the LNG pipeline that is going to Lelu island, yes it sure sounds like it will not go ahead LOL, low interest rates, cheaper to build the modules in China or India right now, more available workers from Canada, these projects work on 40 year terms not 2 year terms, yep they are not going ahead, maybe he is Wesley’s hereditary naysayer, always saying no to things and maybe getting it right just once. oh by the way if you check out that person on BIY I bet if you search back 3 years or so you will see him saying the world will need all the LNG they can produce.

Those two statements contradict each other. Petronas didn’t officially pulled the plug in early March 2016, did they?

"I’m a great predictor of the weather. I’m the best, even with my weird French accents. Everyone bow down to the huge walls of text that demonstrate my ability to predict the weather. Watch, I’ll show you how good I am at predicting the weather.

It will rain on Tuesday.

Wait, what? It didn’t rain on Tuesday? It was really sunny? That doesn’t mean anything. The fundamentals for rain are there. In a sense, it did rain on Tuesday, just as I predicted. Despite no actual water falling from the sky.

Just wait! it will rain on Wednesday for sure then.

No? Still sunny on Wednesday? Open your eyes! The entire world knows it rained on Tuesday … errr. Wednesday. You’re the only one insisting that the lack of rain means there was a lack of rain.

Let’s just wait for um tomorrow, I mean Thursday, I mean Friday. Look, it will eventually rain! It still hasn’t rained, but trust me. I know what I’m talking about.

I’m still a great predictor of the weather, see?"


Like I said who cares about the date it Not Happening! I c ur oil dropped $2 in 2 seconds! another nail in the coffin!

You don’t know that.

Enbridge northern gateway project…it’s dead, but Enbridge is still here…Tseako prosperity mine project in William’s lake…Dead, …but Tseako is still there chirping…Mckenzie gas-line yet the proponent is still there chirping…30 years of chirping…You can add Mr. Black’s refinery proposal to the list of dead projects…You must have noticed the latest sounds and noises on LNG coming from Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and Petronas…It’s spelled like this…


Then there’s the silence from you Grant G. Who only chirps up when you Google. So who’s paying you Tides? Probably being paid by the NDP as well. Oh and you’re prediction was WRONG. :smile:

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Yup looks like If you have purchased a house in the last few years in Rupert , you have paid to much .

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Not necessarily, with the expansion at the Port there will be more with higher incomes, plus DP World is looking at further expansion, There is also the Altagas propane facility planned for Ridley Island.

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Once the Laz sign on?..That appears to be a problem…a really big problem for Christy Clark…she has some serious explaining to do…

"At the Western Premiers’ Conference in early May, Clark said the Lax Kw’alaams leadership “voted overwhelmingly in favour of moving forward into the next stage of this agreement on LNG.”

In an emailed response to Discourse Media about the meeting, the premier’s office stated, “First Nation officials carried out their own internal engagement processes prior to their vote and letter of support to the federal government.” The premier’s office stated that Lax Kw’alaams voted 244 to 3 in favour of developing Lelu Island.

Discourse Media’s investigation found no evidence of such a meeting. In May 2015, community members in Lax Kw’alaams voted to reject a benefits proposal from Pacific NorthWest LNG, which is majority owned by Malaysian company Petronas. No further band meeting appears to have occurred since a new mayor and council were elected in November 2015.

Neither the premier’s office nor the band council provided any documentation of any band council or community vote. Discourse Media also could not identify a single community member who attended or was aware of such a public meeting."

no new meetings since, here is a thought, the council sent a letter to the CEAA they support the Lelu Island LNG as long as Petronas met 2 conditions, this was a few months ago, and they did this by talking to its elders and matrons one on one to gauge their support, second Lax is having 4 meetings with their citizens this coming week to go over Lelu Island project, and apparently Petronas is offering Lax the biggest amount to date in Canada over use of native territory, so Grant just because you can google analyst’s predictions, that is all they are nothing more, the same analyst’s predicted the opposite just a few years ago. when a company like Petronas looks at a major project, guess what they look at 40 years terms not 2 year terms.

CEAA has finally started again

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Not happening! !