Will Petronas pull the plug in March 2016? Was Grant's prediction true?

You beat me to it.

Flora Bank might be untouched if they get the spot on Ridley. The occupiers should be happy.

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Just love big business.
We HAVE TO ram it thru your well and the walls of your gymnasium and terminate on a spawning bank. We won’t so much as change the lettering on a diagram or we’ll send the army in to machine gun you all!
Oh you’ve found a way to go around AND save us money? Hmm, we’re listening…

lelu island will still be used for the plant they are only looking at putting the dock on ridley island as long as they don’t have to go through environmental review, I think they wan to use the canpotex site for the dock and yep for a company that will not build they sure are trying their hardest to get all their ducks in a row

Lol to just switch to another island just willy nilly is another laugh with another 2 or 3 years at least in planning and reviews and yet theyre also trying to drive down expenses on there lulu island project which usually means trying to convince the gov to accept less royalties and allow more cheap foreign temporary workers into the country …LNG the ultimate example of corporate welfare

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Regardless of if or when this project is to proceed Prince Rupert needs big business to increase its tax base. Homeowners should not be expected to make up the $250+ million in infrastructure deficit which will only increase over time.

So almost a year ago, Grant said this:

“It will be early March/2016 when Petronas officially pulls the plug.”

And this thread is already 9 months old.

We’ll let it go until the anniversary of his wise prediction, and if he still hasn’t accepted that his prediction was wrong by then, everyone else will just have to accept that Grant can’t predict the future.


You are so right. That is what he said. Don’t make predictions is the moral of the story.

It seems unlikely that he’ll admit that he was wrong. I predict that we’ll have lots of LNG links in the future. Hehe. :slight_smile:

More bad news for PNW LNG


Like I said…Petronas is gone from BC a long time ago…


I think you’re wrong, especially now that they are looking at Ridley Island for the shipping facility.

You are wrong Gracie…Petronas IS NOT looking at Ridley Island…That “story” was a fraud perpetrated by “unnamed sources”(Coleman and Sproule)

Petronas is saying NOTHING…


The fake story was just a BC Liberal fake-out…FID after the election will be the BC Liberal claim(delay caused by looking at Ridley)…Petronas isn’t building anything in BC…

Enjoy the listen…2 hours of everything LNG.


Here is another link…


You are so biased, so anything you blog about is just your opinion. Maybe try to post something that is actually true instead of your “fake” stories which are irrelevant to the PNW Lng project. Oh did you hear that they are building a propane facility on Ridley? Construction starts this Spring. Good news eh?

Unfortunately, that’s how some people make money these days. It’s amazing how you can make a career by being a bullshit artist or just simply wearing a tinfoil hat.

I guess he is right!! they can’t sell their gas !!


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Where does it say anything about PNW Lng?? It doesn’t. Who cares, the point is that he made a prediction for a certain date and he was wrong. Lets celebrate the new propane facility being built. :blush:

If they can’t sell the gas they have now why would they want to add more!!?? And again who cares about the date!!!

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The NDP won the last election. Who cares if it hasn’t happened yet.


You are wasting your time trying to inform these people…They continually call me bias, or NDP, or a liar…Telling facts is not bias, speaking the truth isn’t bias…

“There is none so blind as those who refuse to see”