Will Petronas pull the plug in March 2016? Was Grant's prediction true?

So here we are on March 18th, 2016. Anything past the Ides of March is considered late March, right?

Original prediction is here: The $11.4-billion question for Petronas

So @Grant_G – has Petronas pulled the plug yet? Or are you going to change your prediction?

MiG…Petronas is already gone…Michael Culbert is no longer the CEO of PNW LNG…Petronas will probably never really leave B.C…Petronas is playing politics…Petronas, if they build, won’t put a shovel in the ground until 2020…Why 2020…? To have completion coincide with Site C dam completion(free electricity)…Free for Petronas, not free for BCers…

Anywho…Altagas has scrapped their Douglas Channel floating LNG project, no LNG buying customers…

And, have you heard…Jordon Cove LNG has been scrapped too…That project would have sourced natural gas from B.C…

Need more Mig?..

Two more LNG terminals Kaput…

No buyers, none, not even one LNG off take buyer…

By the way MIG…The way you and your group insulted me…Was pretty bad, yet in my heart and soul, you all miss me…You Mig may even love me…I feel the same way about you…Maybe we can chit chat together one day…Cheers Eyes Wide Open

You predicted Petronas would pull the plug by now.

They haven’t.

So was your prediction wrong, or are you changing your prediction? Are you an AI incapable of answering a question?


Well MiG…Mike De Jong flew to Malaysia on Tuesday, with cap in hand, a begging he is going, offering the elimination of the PST…

And it is not looking good…There are no buyers…Even Petronas can’t find buyers…


Anyway, I;m glad you invited me over…

Say hello to investor and Mr. Kristoff for me…Cheers

The fact that DeJong has to fly over there to ask for a Petronas update is not a good sign …kind of like a …“don’t call us …will call you” situation .

@Grant_G When this project is approved I’m going to invite you and all the other naysayers to a champagne brunch.

hate to break this to you Grant but Petronas does not need buyers, their buyers are their partners in the project, again for the umpteenth time their partners are their buyers, they are obligated to buy whatever percentage they have in the project, so plz plz plz stop saying they have no buyers.

He said Petronas would officially pull the plug in early March.

Was he wrong? He won’t answer that question. He’s actually a chatbot AI incapable of answering questions.

When the finance minister has to go there to get an update from PNW…rather than them just telling him by phone …it’s not a good sign !

Is he still a racist to you BTW?

oh and Grant before you post maybe you should read your own links LOL you claim Culbert is no longer CEO of PNW, technically your right but he is the president.

here is a quote from one of your links

said Michael Culbert, president of both the project and Petronas’s Canadian subsidiary, gas producer Progress Energy Canada Ltd.

Well, not exactly true…only 60% of the gas is spoken for…Petronas needs some actual cash buyers…Because…Equity partners don’t pay a premium…And, like I said before…If those equity partners have to pay a $billion or two upfront, only to end up paying $10 dollars per MM BTU, when they can keep their money and ink longterm contracts for $5 or $6 dollars per MM BTU…If I was a shareholder, or CEO…I’d run for the hills, save the company money in both the short term and longterm…


Are you going to fly me in or do I have to burn a bunch of gas driving there…Or perhaps I’ll cruise into port via cruiser…Just let me know where the submerged booby traps are…

Eggs benny with a side kush, washed down with ,



“We are continuing to move that forward and we believe we are in the final stages to a final decision,” said Culbert, who is stepping down April 1 from the LNG leadesrhip role to concentrate on the upstream end of the project_.”


Michael Culbert came from Progress energy and Petronas has returned Michael Culbert to Petronas…Believe me, he was demoted…Cheers

Petronas operating cost Down 40%!


Too many obstacles for Petronas


Need more…Read this, LNG prices are trading well below $5 dollars per MM BTU’s…Equity partners can keep their investment and source longterm LNG cheaper than what it would cost them to get it out of the ground in B.C…Not to mention liquefying, transporting etc…


That’s all fine, @Grant_G, but your prediction was that Petronas would pull the plug in “early March” and they haven’t. Were you wrong in your prediction?

It’s amusing how some people can’t even manage a “Yes Mig, my prediction that Petronas will pull the plug in early March was wrong. I still stand by my opinion that they will ultimately pull the plug.” Is that really so hard? Apparently it is, and it amuses me.

He gets a little sensitive about his predictions.

See here: Petronas LNG in Prince Rupert, Happening or Not?

:slight_smile: which is part of the reason I’m calling him out on this prediction.

I still think he’s a bot that doesn’t actually read any replies. He just posts links.

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This is the way I imagine him. Heh-heh. :slight_smile: