The $11.4-billion question for Petronas

Ha ha !

People losing jobs, pretty funny eh?

People losing opportunities for jobs here and elsewhere is BC, funny stuff.


The news about the jobs being lost is sad, thinking it spells doom for the LNG and thinking it funny just makes you a sad person.
Take a look at their shares linked below. The daily one looks horrible, the monthly just as bad if no worse, but look as the last 5 years. Up over $8 a share and holding steady. In fact one of their more stable periods over the last 5 years.

They have had some serious dips in the last 5, and pulled through. Looking pretty good from here…

What jobs!???

You should probably read the article you posted instead of just reading the headline. It does not exactly boost your argument.
Please feel free to reply with more than just a few words and a link as you do on almost all of your posts. I assume you have no opinion of your own or you would at least comment on the link you are posting.

If you truly think that when these projects go through that an all Canadian workforce will be able to keep up with the work you are dreaming.


I agree. We didn’t have enough local labour force for the port expansion.