May Election


The Globe and Mail lost all credibility before the 2015 federal election. In their editorial, they gave a bunch of reasons explaining why Harper had to go and then told us to vote Conservative anyway.

I am not sure if money and arrogance will cost her the election, but it sure should.


to avoid a NAFTA dispute she has to put it on coal from canada as well, but highly doubt it will go through if she gets in she will piss off Alberta


BC Media finally concedes the LNG industry in BC is dead, caput, over n done with

Another Christy Clark fail…


Today is the last day for advance voting. The polls close at 8:00 PM. Election day is on May 9th.


You keep stating the same thing but there is no proof. Funny though our local NDP candidate does support LNG. If its really dead then why are they still be spending money on their sites here in the region? Your link is nothing but an opinion piece.


If you read the article…Christy Clark exaggerated 10 fold on potential jobs…BC Libs gave away the LNG taxation farm, thus leaving BCers empty handed even if someone builds…and lays bare to the lie about LNG GHG emissions…in other words…LNG was a lig from start to the now bleak finish…


You keep saying its finished, kaput, dead but you have no proof. Maybe you should come up here and tell Aurora Lng, PNW Lng and LNG Canada that, they haven’t got that memo and keep spending money.


They aren’t spending any money…the peanuts they’re spending on a storefront is merely a tax write-off…only idiots still believe…actually even you don’t believe it Gracies_Mom…unfortunately your partisanship has numbed your brain from examining the facts on the ground…


I can appreciate that people on both sides are passionate about their points of view. Please refrain from name calling. This tends to escalate tensions. Thanks.



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Voting Day on May 9th. Please get out and vote folks.



With ll the giveaways, if we ever get LNG it will bankrupt BC…


Here’s another look at the choices:


Not my favourite politician but it is interesting to see how they view things once out of office.



Another take on same issue.


Why are New York journalists involved in BC’s election??


Why not? They’re not hesitant to report on BC corruption. BC voters should know who they’re voting for.