May Election


The real question is why the BC media isn’t covering this story?


maybe they are mad BC is doing what they are doing in New York?


Latest Mainstreet poll shows the Liberals continuing to gain ground on the NDP and most of those gains are coming from previously undecided voters in Greater Vancouver. The NDP however seems to be reversing the Green support trend that was occurring on Vancouver Island.

NDP: 35% (even)
Liberals: 34% (+3%)
Greens: 17% (even)
Undecided: 14% (-4%)

NDP: 37% (-4%)
Liberals: 34% (+5%)
Greens: 16% (+2%)
Undecided: 12% (-5%)

NDP: 39% (+3%)
Liberals: 25% (+1%)
Greens: 23% (-3%)
Undecided: 13% (-2%)

Liberals: 39% (+1%)
NDP: 29% (+4%)
Greens: 14% (-2%)
Undecided: 18% (-2%)

We will see how it all shakes out tomorrow.


This is truly comical…LOL!


Funny how he says “if”, what happened to his LNG is never going to happen.


Indeed. I am very curious to see what happens.


I’m guessing the owners of the BC media companies are not huge fans of the BC NDP. :slight_smile:



Election day! The polls open at 8:00 AM and close this evening at 8:00 PM.
You can vote at the Electoral office located beside East Wind Emporium on 3rd Avenue and at the Civic Center.
Please get out and vote!


This might explain it.


Yay…its almost over. And I have voted.


Despite how people feel about Christy Clark, the Liberals…remember these three things when you go to the polls here locally thinking of voting for Jennifer Rice

Right from her Wikipedia page -

1.) After arriving in Prince Rupert, Ms. Rice began studying the eel grass in the waters of Prince Rupert to develop base data before the opening of Fairview Container Terminal in 2007, saying "with the lumber mill here closed, people are looking for jobs, so the superport is something that we’ll just have to accept."

2.) In July 2015, Ms. Rice was noticeably absent for a vote in Legislature on the Pacific Northwest LNG Project, drawing questions to her whereabouts and the timing of travel plans. When questioned, Ms. Rice responded that the “[B.C. Liberals] have won every single vote in the legislature in the last ten years.” This prompted a stinging rebuke by the editors of the Northern View, saying “using that logic, there is no reason for MLA Rice to vote on anything in the Legislature ever again.”

3.) In January 2016, Ms. Rice participated in the Salmon Summit, a two day gathering of people opposed to the development of an LNG terminal on Lelu Island. At the summit, Ms. Rice was a signatory to the Lelu Island Declaration, stating that “Lelu Island, Flora and Agnew Banks are hereby protected for all time”. This action prompted a response from the five Tsimshian Nations, saying “the signatories to the declaration did not include or represent any of the five Tsimshian elected chiefs nor was there any mandate from their elected or hereditary chiefs to support the declaration. Tsimshian chiefs reject the declaration calling for “permanent protection” of their traditional territories. The Chiefs view the declaration as a political action that is an attack on the rights and title interest of Tsimshian Nations.”

These three things alone, have shown me that she does not in anyway represent the best interest of the North Coast riding, the people that live and work here, regardless of what party she is from. These types of actions do not warrant her another 4 years running this riding (whether the NDP win provincially or not). These are the actions of someone who should be thrown out of office, not rewarded. She begrudgingly accepted the container terminal project, she infringed on local first nations rights by signing a treaty that was not supported by area first nations in regards to their own territory and she was purposely absent from the a legislature vote that perhaps was the most important North Coast issue during her 4 years in office.


Grant_G might need to work to redeem himself… again.


Spoke too soon… looks to be a nail biter.


Let’s see how close Mr. Predictions gets.




Very close election.


Minority government ??


At this time the Liberals retain power with a minority government. There will be recounts in some ridings and the final count won’t be known until the third week of May.