May Election


problem with the polls is how they weight the age classes, last election they gave too much weight to the 18 - 35 group assuming their voting percentage would be higher. so when they didn’t show up guess what liberals made pollsters look like idiots. can the same thing happen? lets hope so :slight_smile: at least the Liberals will not forsake our resource sector, unlike Horgan who uses codes phrases like, set up a committee to study the environmental impact of this or that, code words for we will find them environmentally unfriendly so more regulations, increase of the carbon tax by almost double, and spending billions of dollars in the lower mainland to keep those voters happy, well both parties will do that part :slight_smile:


Former Socred cabinet minister Rafe Mair lives in the riding where Woodfibre plans to build an LNG terminal. Rafe’s biggest criticism of the NDP is their SUPPORT of LNG.

His criticisms of the Liberals are several, the most important being the lying and corruption. He wonders how a province can claim balanced budgets when $71B has been added to the debt.

I know there is very little chance of changing our minds on our voting preferences. I am guessing that most here knew how we would vote the day after the election in 2013. We are all entitled to our opinions and choices.

Rafe Mair’s article gives us plenty of reasons to oppose the Liberals. The NDP has given me plenty of reasons to support them. Daycare. Eliminating corporate and union donations. Placing a priority on affordability. Responsible management of our resources and environment with an emphasis on local jobs.

And Jennifer’s advocacy on numerous issues (helping Bella Bella after the barge ran aground; supporting the volunteer undertaker on Haida Gwaii; travelling along and drawing attention to the Highway of Tears resulting in some additions in services; advocating for changes in ferry services for the disabled, fighting for legislation that resulted in regular testing for water in our schools to name just a few) gives me plenty of reason to support her. To even suggest that she has no voice or isn’t listened to is ridiculous.

Liberal supporters still claim that the Liberals are fiscal managers but debt particular contractual debt has risen dramatically. They claim that the Liberals are the only ones capable of bringing in jobs yet they have had 16 years to bring in jobs. The past four years were supposed to herald thousands of jobs, trillions of dollars. Where are they. Sweetheart deals to Petronas. Advocates and lobbyists. Yet still nothing. And somehow the blame lands on the opposition.

Herb Pond claims it is time for a change. He is absolutely right. It is time for a change in VICTORIA. It is time for a change in a government that claims a booming economy yet one of the worst poverty rates in the country. It claims booming job growth yet the vast majority are in the large urban centres primarily fueled by the out of control housing market. Northern ridings of all political stripes have actually lost jobs.

Nope don’t expect to change anybody’s minds. No pretense that I have all the answers and people with differing ideas are wrong. Just felt a need to express my opinion.


Exactly. Thanks, DWhite. I would like to thank everyone for their restraint in this thread.
Please ensure that you vote! Election day is May 9th.


The BC Liberals say they “stand corrected” after falsely accusing a retired civil servant of being an NDP plant after she encountered Leader Christy Clark in a grocery store and told her she’d never vote for her.

However, the party did not issue an apology to Linda Higgins, which some have been calling for after last week’s encounter. The incident, captured by TV news crews inside a store in North Vancouver, sparked its own hashtag on social media, #IamLinda, which critics used to vent their own reasons for never supporting Ms. Clark.


Are the Greens helping to elect Clark?


Angus Reid poll out today has NDP at 41%, Liberals at 40%, Greens at 15%, Other at 4%

Voting Intentions by Region:

Vancouver Island/North Coast (including the Gulf Islands, Powell River and the northern part of the Sunshine Coast):

NDP: 39%
Liberals: 37%
Greens: 20%
Other: 4%

Lower Mainland (Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and the Central and Northern portions of Surrey):

NDP: 52%
Liberals: 33%
Greens: 14%
Other: 1%

Lower Mainland Outskirts (South Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Chilliwack, Hope, White Rock, Delta, West Vancouver and the southern portion of the Sunshine Coast):

Liberals: 50%
NDP: 29%
Greens: 16%
Others: 5%

BC Interior (Northern BC, Cariboo, Kootenays, Thompson-Okanagan):

Liberals: 47%
NDP: 34%
Greens: 11%
Others: 8%


Nechako Lakes riding has become a shuttered depopulated remnant of itself under Liberal representation. It’s always been Socred/Liberal here.
Like they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Promises of jobs, jobs with pipelines that only passed thru here and a speculative fooferall over a mine. What did we get? A passing lane and a parking lot.
Oh and hey suckered someone into buying the Zoo and try to make it classy.
Now they’re whining that Anne Marie Sam is native, so if the NDP wins everything will go to the natives. I tell them back if only two bits trickles down from the natives, that’s two bits more than the Liberals managed here in 16 years.


This link is for Gracies_Mom…Here is a fresh link…an LNG article in Financial Post…

bottom line…US LNG projects were Brownfield not Greenfied…Looks like BC to miss the LNG curse,It’s a good read…I love this line…and I quote.

“Whether [Canada] missed the boat or dodged a bullet is kind of a tough call right now,”

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Until LNG Canada in Kitimat, PNW Lng and Aurora Lng officially cancel nothing you quote means anything. I support these projects only because they bring jobs and revenue in to this region. Same as I support the 2 LPG projects. I would like to hear your take on the direct conflict between Horgan and the United Steel Worker’s Union, the NDP’s largest political donor.


Here…Try this…

I tend to filter out partisan attack ads, I glean my information elsewhere…the old union scare card, sigh…Unions have been in steady decline along with everything else…unions are people for people…without unions or organized labour we’d all be slaves…I’ll wait patiently Gracies_Mom for you to throw out the socialism scare card…sigh


I have nothing against unions, my husband is a member of a very large international union. But what I asked has nothing to do with the Liberals. John Horgan is in fact in direct conflict with his biggest donor, nothing fake about it.


Not trying to change your mind at all, Gracie’s Mom because your mind seems made up, but I am not sure what you are trying to suggest here.

  1. The Steelworkers Union still supports the NDP.
  2. Kinder Morgan will purchase the steel from a company in Saskatchewan. If those workers wish to vote against the NDP, I suppose they can.
  3. Union support for the NDP can and should depend on more than just whether or not a project goes ahead. Jobs are of course important but so are working conditions and other union type activities where the NDP will be much better advocates than the Liberals.
  4. What would you rather have? A governing party who have given billions in contracts to its donors
    or the NDP who are willing to make a decision that may upset its biggest donor.

I am not suggesting one way or another on the merits of Kinder Morgan (different debate) nor am I suggesting that the Liberals have done anything illegal with their contracts. But I will remind you that the NDP have introduced legislation trying to ban big money donations from corporations and unions which the Liberals have defeated and it is an NDP promise that big money donations will be eliminated should they be elected.


This election cycle feels different on a few levels for me. John Horgan is a better leader for the NDP, and he does not have the baggage that Dix has. The NDP has a platform that is palatable. Clark has further tarnished her brand with the plethora of new scandals. Will this translate into a different outcome compared to 2013? I am not sure, but, I think so.


The point I’m making is that this has nothing to do with who union members vote for its about Horgan who by his words “will use every tool in our tool box” to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. This is in direct conflict with SWU who publicly have come out in support of the project with their approval of the contract for the steel to be manufactured by the local SWU in Saskatchewan. I’m pretty sure the union executives want the NDP to approve the expansion.



I know they support the opportunity to build pipes. Whether they support the construction of a controversial pipeline is a different issue. People who work in munition plants don’t necessarily support how those weapons are used.

But I still don’t get your point. Kinder Morgan is a project that John Horgan does not support. Whether he is right or not, is a different debate. There may be platform policies of the Liberals that you don’t like. There may be policies of the NDP that I don’t like. We may not support every single item within a party’s platform and still vote for them. I know teachers who still support the Liberals in spite of their ripping up of contracts and underfunding the system.

a. Are you worried that the NDP will lose votes?
b. Are you worried that the NDP will lose a big donation?
c. Are you worried that a government can make a decision that may oppose people who support them?

I am just curious.


I’m not worried, its more of an observation and a curiosity. Votes could be lost because of his stance against the project, just like Clark could lose votes for wanting to charge a carbon tax on thermal coal from outside of BC.


I personally wish she would have left the levy on thermal coal strictly on US coal…adding Canadian coal to this levy is not something I support at all.

This will have a direct impact on Ridley Terminals as over 50% of coal shipments from Ridley came from Canadian sourced thermal coal. This levy would be disastrous for them; a terminal that has already fallen on hard times and is finally getting some momentum back.

I believe that Herb Pond probably did not like that announcement either as it directly impacts his riding negatively and could hurt jobs here.

Clark is trying to appease environmentalists, but she risks losing votes from people who support the coal industry and rely on it to feed their families.




Toronto says vote Liberal.
Cuz we have an envied carbon tax model, which Christie didn’t bring in. And anyone out there remember when they got the last rebate?
Cuz she didn’t bring in rent controls, which have always been here. I guess the Ontario landlords just haven’t figured out all the loopholes like they use here. Or maybe because on a $2500 a month rental a yearly $150 a month increase in revenue on your fixed cost isn’t too shabby.
Thanks, Toronto. Vote Green if you don’t like the NDP.

Did my duty today. Hope the hall they rented for the advance poll isn’t shuttered up like the other businesses on that street come the next election.