May Election

Clark will be difficult to defeat in May. She is an exceptional campaigner. I don’t know if Horgan is up for the challenge. I was hopeful that we would have someone here on the North Coast to challenge our MLA for the nomination. Maybe Hondo will run again?!

Clark accuses the NDP of hacking a Liberal website.

Did you see the actual link?
BC Libs have a WordPress site by someone who can’t set folder permissions properly. Hell, worse than that changed default permissions and forgot to put them back.
Did they pay some insider $50K to make it who subcontracted it to a Grade9 student?


The NDP have threatened to sue the Liberals for the false accusation of hacking unless the Liberals apologize. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the NDP goes after Clark in court.

Hey hey now, that’s my business model.


Clark apologizes. I bet that hurt. Heh. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting to see what goodies Clark rolls out in the coming weeks.

hate to say it but all politicians bribe us with our money, they are all the same

Agreed. I suppose it is all a matter of degree.
I’m sick to death of Clark, but, I’m not a huge fan of the NDP. Interesting days ahead.

Abraham Lincoln once said that politicians are like Pampers and disposable diapers. You got to throw them out or they start to stink.


Can’t argue with the AAA Credit Rating… We should start lending cash to other Provinces.

Not big on the people in the party, but eliminating my MSP and keeping the financials of the Province in good standing are what they can do. The NDP experiment caused my relatives some heartache in Alberta

You mean cutting the MSP premiums in half, after doubling them? IF we vote for them, next year instead of now.
What a half-assed bribe.

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Indeed! Also, I heard that the reduction in MSP premiums doesn’t kick in until January 2018. You are required to apply for the reduction in MSP premium fees according to CBC radio. The application process is going to be complex. Absolute bullshit.

The NDP have promised to give Natives a veto over every and all development in BC if they are elected. That will be a complete economic disaster. This election I am not voting for someone, rather I am voting to prevent the NDP from getting in. Liberals get my vote.

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Do you have a source for your claim that “The NDP have promised to give Natives a veto over every and all development in BC ?”.
Since deciding who to vote for is one of the most important responsibilities in a democracy I enjoy trying to substantiate both the source and veracity of ‘third party’ claims. That way even if I’m pushed into making a decision contrary to my nature I have been able to justify that decision.
So it would be helpful for me and many others I’m sure be to be privy to the source(s) for your claim. A link, a newspaper article, a reputable news organization would be very helpful.

If the NDP is going to allow any third party a vote on development in BC ,the NDP can kiss my big hairy butt

Please provide some proof for your claim.

Edit: Added later. I can’t find anything to back up your claim.

I think Xdresser might be talking about the Leap Manifesto where it states this

This leap must begin by respecting the inherent rights and title of the original caretakers of this land. Indigenous communities have been at the forefront of protecting rivers, coasts, forests and lands from out-of-control industrial activity. We can bolster this role, and reset our relationship, by fully implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

which would give Natives a veto on any resource extraction at least that is what the UN Declaration states if i’m remembering the arguements on it

A couple of quick thoughts:

If indeed Xdresser was referring to the Leap Manifesto (and he has not confirmed that he was – he has supplied no source as of yet) - then a quick search would have found a number of things:

  1. The Leap Manifesto was not adopted as NDP policy – at least not to this date.
  2. The NDP federally dealt with the Leap Manifesto after it was introduced at the convention reviewing party leadership. It was never – to my knowledge adopted as policy at any federal, provincial, or territorial level.
  3. The authors of the manifesto (Klein and Lewis) described it I believe as an aspirational document not a policy document. As such it was signed by a substantial number of scientists, academics, celebrities etc. who did not express a particular party affiliation.
  4. One of the naysayers to the document was Rachel Notley. You may recognize the name – a provincial NDP Premier – and the point here is that each provincial NDP party has its own unique voice and personality. Again the Leap Manifesto was an aspirational document presented to the federal party.
  5. As for giving First Nations the veto over ‘every and all development in BC’ – although the UN has expressed grave concern over the treatment of Aboriginal peoples in Canada – I very much doubt that as a body the UN has expressed that particular point of view. I believe “the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” is considered to a ‘universal’ document not just pertaining to BC or Canada.

Suggesting that Xdresser was mistakenly referring to the Leap Manifesto certainly appears a reasonable supposition.

But then maybe he/she has a more reliable, verifiable source for the opinion.