North Coast LNG Debate

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no vote then what the heck did they vote on last year, oh yes they voted 66% to allow their council to come up with a deal, maybe Discourse should have talked to Lax’s mayor and council next time

hmmm kind of funny Aurora LNG is now going through the Provincial environmental review, guess they only want to look like they are interested in building in Rupert.

you were saying?

Old news, those 56 days are up shortly and this past week Aurora announced to Port Ed council that they hope to restart the EAO process around May 15th

do you even read these links you keep posting? here is what part of that story says

In their correspondence, Aurora seeks the additional time so as to adequately examine, respond and discuss the issues with the appropriate stakeholders and Aboriginal groups.

Aurora LNG has submitted the timeline below as to how they wish to proceed with the pause leading up to the restart date of May 15th for the 180 day review period

For those of you new to HTMF.

This bickering between Jabber63 and Gracie’s Mom vs realmediavoices aka GrantG started in January of 2016. It has filled two threads already and is now about to hijack a third.


I moved these comments to a new thread. Have a great debate folks. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. You’re stating that the story I posted is incorrect. Do you have any proof of your claim?

Don’t know why you split this? Is it not the NDP’s strategy to win the election? The other thread was exactly that and full of there strategy.

Katray what bothered me about the discussion between realmediavoices and jabber63/Gracie’s Mom is the repetiveness of their “yes it will happen” “no it won’t” pissing contest. That has been rehashed for more than a year. If they want to continue that discussion they can do so in this thread that hitest has created.

If they want to discuss LNG in the context of the election then that is totally fair game. Realmediavoices posted an article in the election thread that does just that. If somebody wants to respond to that article I will be interested in reading it.

Should’ve named this thread “The Grant, Gracie, and Jabber Show”.

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Thank you. I feel you have proven to me what the other thread is all about. Just a thread of NDP’s strategy of negativity. It will be interesting to see if this Trump style ploy works for them. Not saying the Greens or Liberals are using a bit too but the NDP are just to far over the top in my opinion. It has leached into all there MLA’s and they are missing out on proving positive energy that this world needs.

A fair question. We had a series of posts regarding LNG that seemed off topic so I moved the posts and created a new thread. The last time we had a LNG thread it devolved into a series of personal attacks on both sides of the issue. I closed that thread. I am hopeful that this LNG thread can be a debate in the truest sense of the word.

I am not sure what I have proven or by what you mean the other thread was about.

In the thread titled May Election there were discussions on polls and polling and numerous public service announcements on where and when to vote.

There were criicisms of the NDP and their policy on First Nations.
There were criticisms of the NDP and the Leap Manifesto,
There were criticisms of the MLA suggesting she had done nothing.
There were criticisms of the NDP over the support from the Steelworkers and the non-support from Ironworkers.

In each case somebody defended the NDP.

And yes there were criticisms of the Liberals and why not? They have a record to defend. They are campaigning on the status quo, in other words on their record. So yes, it is fair game to point out their failings including but not limited to pay to play fundraising, BC Hydro, Site C, the far from successful LNG plan that promised a debt free BC.

Should they not be expected to defend a record while the NDP are never allowed to live down the '90s?

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here is the article,

and on a side note

Aurora LNG stopped their assessment after Lee Brain, Mayor of Prince Rupert made demands on air quality, on infrastructure the city needs to accommodate LNG…in other words Prince Rupert wants its fair share…here is some of Lee Brain’s letter…you can read the rest at the below link…Lee Brain’s letter was submitted March 7th/2017…

you can read Lee Brain’s whole 4 page letter here (March 7th/2016)

Prince Rupert wants Aurora to pay for city infrastructure, …he doesn’t want to go through what Australia did…read this shocker …

After Lee Brain made demands upon Aurora LNG…That’s when Aurora paused their EA…Aurora is not interested in spending money to upgrade needed city infrastructure…my bet…Aurora cancels outright very soon…

This was dated May 3 2017

my opinion of Mayor Brain is not that good his letter to the EA over Aurora is basically because the city will not get taxes from that site, it is on Provincial land, if he is so concerned about what his letter stated lets see if Exxon ever goes before the EA if he sends the same letter, I highly doubt it because they are on land the city leases to them