Windows 11 October 5, 2021

It is my understanding that Microsoft will begin a phased roll out of Windows 11 to eligible PCs (via Windows update) beginning on October 5, 2021.
Does anyone know if M$ will release official ISOs of Windows 11 so we can do a clean install?

Considering you can download Windows 10 ISOs for free from the Microsoft Site, I don’t see why they wouldn’t allow the same for Windows 11.

For example, I always download Windows ISOs from here:

And then use my serial to activate it.

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Yes, that’s my hope as well. I guess we’ll see if they want to make 11 a cash cow. I hope that we’re able to do a clean install like we can with 10.


Detection Script to help identify why your PC isn’t Windows 11 Release Ready.

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That’s a very cool script. That’s the one I used to determine that my Lenovo is 11 compatible. I’ll know soon enough if it is.

Rainy chilly Sunday project… TwisterOS Windows11 theme running in VM.


I used the Microsoft media creation tool and made a bootable USB drive. Installed Windows 11 Home on my Lenovo Legion. The ISO found the installation key on my hardware so I couldn’t opt for Windows Pro. Everything works as expected, all updated and running well.

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Burning the USB now to u/g my laptop. I will leave 10 on the desktop for now.
Was given an entire computer lab of 2016 Dell 3020s (i3) & LCDs to recycle on condition I offered them to seniors & low incomes at a reduced price. Had 120GB SSDs, I ordered some 500GB ones for a nonprofit that wants 3 of them.
They’re replacing the lab with laptops that never will get moved, but students peering at the tiny screens will “appear” to be studying…

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Done. Not much differentin everyday use - but I did take it offline to prevent the MS account pestering and it took a while to find the wifi thingy. No longer pops up a list of available… it moved to Settings.
Also discovered the MS account pester doesn’t come up if you upgrade from Win10 with a local account.
Now waiting for iPad to upgrade to 15…

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For me performance is on par with Windows 10. The baked in anti-virus in Windows 11 seems a bit faster running a full scan than Windows 10. All in all it is a worthwhile upgrade if your hardware will support 11.
I have an older Dell laptop that my 18 year old is using in PG as a back-up device in the very unlikely event that her MacBook Air fails (It’s got full Apple Care). The unit has an i7 CPU and 16 GB RAM. I’m keeping that unit on Windows 10.
Edit: addition

Got a bunch of Dell 3020s from an abandoned computer lab and I’d like to try it on one. They only have TPM 1.2 so it probably won’t work.
They were all set to legacy and most of the BIOS settings are blanked out so I’ll have to CLR CMOS too. Hope that won’t wipe the Pro key in the EUFI

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Damn! I just plugged everything in and booted up when I set up this big Ryzen box. It’s in Legacy Mode. Gotta switch to EUFI to turn secure boot on. PITA!!!

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Interesting! I’m seeing lots of anti-Win 11 videos on youtube! Don’t upgrade to 11 you’ll regret it, etc. I haven’t noticed any sizable glitchyness yet.
I kind of like the extra security mitigations that Windows 11 brings with TPM.

Windows 11 uses a different type of data compression algorithm compared to Windows 10. That is, you will download smaller updates with Windows 11; the updates come in faster than 10. Microsoft did this in part to support people who have slow Internet connections and data caps. I did notice that the updates came in quicker on the first patch Tuesday for 11.

Well that’s something. Working with Win10, Macs, Mint, Raspian every day I’m strill trying to figure out what’s actually different in Windows 11.
Just cloned my desktop’s boot drive for safety. I;'ll convert it to GPT and set the mobo to EUFI over the weekend and upgrade.

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WARNING - a lot of bad things said about upgrading Ryzens to 11. Claims of 15-30% peformance hits.

Yes. I’m starting to see this on my Ryzen unit. I may revert back to 10. But, where to go in 2025? Maybe to Debian. I wonder if M$ can issue a patch to deal with the performance hit. Decisions.

Finishing up a reload of Windows 10. Windows 11 was an interesting 15 day experiment on my Ryzen unit.

No doubt they’ll patch the problem soon enough. I’ll upgrade to 11 when I hear they have.
Works fine on my i5.