The new forum -- stuff you should know

First, let’s just say that I (personally) had no choice in whether or not we kept the SMF software (the old forum). There were a few things going on behind the scenes, but to put it simply, there was no choice – either switch software, or shut down the site.

The only choice I had was what software we would switch to. If you’ve been around HTMF, you’ll know that we actually began as a phpBB forum, and that’s one reason I suggested we use it.

We copied over all the users and posts last night, so any forum posts you made on the old site since last night are gone. Sorry about that, but not much I can do about it.

You’ll probably want to go to your control panel (“User Control Panel” at the top of the page) and change a few settings.

First, switch your time zone. It should be GMT-7 (Pacific Daylight Time). Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in the future, on Greenwich Mean Time. Also, while you’re in there, perhaps update some other settings, such as Board Settings / Edit Posting Defaults – “Notify me upon replies by default.” Right now you’re probably set to receive e-mails every time someone replies to a post.

Finally, there are probably things that aren’t working properly. Let me or one of the other admins know about it and we’ll fix it eventually. For example, I’m going to have to re-code the RSS-reader functions for the Podunkian and NorthernView sections, but I’m hoping I can just re-use some of the code I used on the old site.

I am sorry but if anyone should agree with me for once , do you believe as I do that this So Called New Format
sucks real bad. I would of hoped that this was just another Mig joke but I woke up this morning and there it be. Sure going to cut down on my time .

I have no idea how I got this far trying to post or read something. Then we have all these different areas now that are private and one must be invited.

What are you talking about?

See? There’s a positive to the new format. Also, big afros. O0

See? There’s a positive to the new format. Also, big afros. O0

Thanks now you give me reason to stay with it , I have always enjoyed a good challenge . Justin Case is here to stay .

Haven’t really had any problems myself, the site looks different for sure, but in the end it’s still much the same we can offer up our comments the good, the bad and the stupid.

Considering the thing is pretty well run by volunteer time without compensation and the other option was that it was vaporized off the internet, who can complain?

At any rate, I suspect those that say they’ll be cutting down on their time on the site will quickly prove that to be but rumour. I imagine if some kind of counter was installed that listed each users daily contribution to the site, all the usual suspects would claim their status at the top of the list.

Now if we really wanted to see some change, imagine if the Russian overlord of the site had chosen to convert the thing to the Cyrillic alphabet, now that would be interesting to see… perhaps a hint for next April fools if you will.

Thanks there Pondunkian , I will get used to it and yes it is pretty much the same but what about these private groups and invitation only ?

Again, what are you talking about?

Again, what are you talking about?


Well twice now you’ve said that there are areas that are private or something like that.

What are you talking about? What areas?

I miss the old format, this new one was quite a surprise after my return home from a long weekend away.
The explanation I still don’t get but whatever, life goes on and change happens…

Some more stuff you should know.

Other things users should try:

  • The “active topics” link on the main page gives you a list of topics that have been active in the last 7 days. You can change it to the last day, etc.
  • Try out “View unanswered posts,” “View unread posts” and “View new posts” for alternative views.

As Bubbasteve has pointed out in another thread, clicking the title of a topic will bring you to the front page of that topic, not the most recent post in the topic. This might be a pain in the butt, because you may have to scroll or to switch pages to see the most recent posts. If you want the last post in a topic, click the “last post” link over on the right. This works for all boards too. For example, you can see the last post in the Prince Rupert forum by scrolling down and clicking that little icon under last post.

I think the new format brings a nice touch to actually reading a thread. It’s good, I like it.

A really, really nice feature would be to have the consolidated, updated board index as the SMF boards had it.

[quote=“MeepMeepZoom”]I think the new format brings a nice touch to actually reading a thread. It’s good, I like it.

A really, really nice feature would be to have the consolidated, updated board index as the SMF boards had it.[/quote]

Is that the list of recent topics? Or something else?

Yup the recent topics. The listing above the board index that showed the threads with newest posts was a great feature

That’s there now, is it not showing up for you? It says “recent topics” and shows the last 5 threads with posts (now known as topics, I guess). You can hit the “last post” on each line to jump to the bottom of each topic. If you want more than 5 topics, you can use the little page-turning widget just above and to the right of “recent topics.”

OK, will get used to all this as it is pretty classy BUT I have tried both suggestions to be rid of the constant Feliks notifications, the user control board and the unsubscribe and they are still emailing me every time someone posts ! Do I have to unsubscribe to each and every email now ? Sorry but that part is pissing me off ! BTW, where did our smilies go, not on this thread anyway !!

Smilies still working for me. O0

I’m going to see if there’s a way I can set everybody to default to not notifying when a reply is posted.

But meanwhile, you probably subscribed to an earlier thread, and when somebody replies to it, you get an e-mail. So you can either go to that thread and un-watch it, or click the link in the e-mail:

Thank you for your kind words, ThePodunkian. We do our best to provide the best experience for our members.
Agreed. The new forum software allows HTMF to be on-line. The alternative is not an acceptable option for me.