May Election


Haven’t heard a thing from him in awhile. He’s probably up all night blogging about the election on his blog page.


Well worth the read.


This is worth reading also:

[quote]Anyone else notice a pattern?

Over the years, BC Liberal leader Christy Clark has been forced to apologize for misleading the public about non-existent RCMP investigations and she also apologized for accusing non-existent NDP hackers of downloading publicly available documents from her website.

One time, Clark even cited a poll about a national park that did not exist.

But when it comes to the economy, that’s where Clark really excels at misleading the public with exaggerated numbers, fuzzy math and making stuff up to sound like she’s doing just great.[/quote]

20 times Christy Clark got caught making stuff up about the economy



here is an editorial describing Horgan’s, for lack of a better phrase, native veto


His predictions are 100% accurate. They just haven’t happened yet. Just you wait and wait and wait and wait and see!


I’m not voting for Bill Belsey this time. Fool me once, shame on me.



What do I predict…NDP to get 47 seats…You know people…BC Liberals made a big mistake putting Christy Clark front and center…Christy is so despised…and you know how difficult it is to,Selling Cynical-A Christy Clark portait.

And as for LNG, what can I say except…Pixie Dust…

Need a little more…because I know you ALL MISSED ME…

On the first debate(radio)

and lastly…a repost from 2013…Christy Clark, she’s come undone…

Oh, almost forgot…LNG blogcast(s) featuring yours truly…


What a blow to my Sunday morning.

Here I was thinking the NDP had a chance - a slight chance mind you - at forming government and GrantG comes on and dashes that small hope to the ground and crushes it completely.


I hope you’re right. Many people do hate Clark. In 2013 lots of people were predicting that Clark would get annihilated, but, we all know what happened. It does seem that Clark has had a few missteps on this campaign. I’m not willing to call the election yet. I’m concerned about the orange vote getting split by the greens. Clark is a formidable candidate. I hope she gets her butt kicked.

P.S. Nice change of name, Grant_G.


Ohoh MIG poked the bear, too funny. As for his change of name, there is really no such thing as “real media”, majority of media of any source is biased. Including “Realmediavoices” aka Grant_G.


He could’ve named himself Alex Jones or “Buck Tuckford”.


Thanks Hitest…no change of name…new email address so I used my Twitter account to register new account…

Gracies_Mom…I liked being poked

PLA…seems I’m the only one who sussed out and reported on BC’s LNG sham…How many FIDs…0…how many LNG plants under construction…0…prospects going forward with a 20 year glut of cheap(er) supply around the world…0

Don’t bother mentioning Woodfibre…that was a photo-op fake-out…Woodfibre has no buyers of their PROPOSED LNG supply…

DWhite…Keep the faith, and remember…There are NDP plants everywhere…

I’ll chat with you fine folk later…

Good Day


Ssssss…like air slowly escaping out of a bicycle tire, British Columbia’s economy is leaking jobs – and workers are losing hope – each day that Christy Clark sits in the premier’s office.

Released on May 8, the latest Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada should give pause to even the most devoted and enthusiastic BC Liberal supporter.

In a single month, from March to April, B.C. lost an incredible 28,700 jobs.


I read this in Alex Jones’ voice.

Btw, have you made peace with Kristoff?


We should and would have had LNG if the province meaning Gordon Campbell had begun the process earlier. Funny how LPG has come in with no problem. Even if the NDP are elected I see them pushing for LNG, they know that oil and gas are the main economic factors in BC’s north east. I also seeing him change his mind on Kinder Morgan and forestry.


Each time he said an LNG port was not coming, an LPG plant pops up.

Just like his reliable election prediction.


You’re killing the plants, Grant.

The BC Liberals have closed the province-wide gap with the BC NDP (from 3 points favouring NDP to 1 point favouring Liberals). BC NDP now garners support from 37% of B.C.’s decided voters. The BC Liberals, meanwhile, continue to attract solid support, up directionally to 38% (from 36%). The poll differs substantially from another recent narrative, which found a post-debate surge in NDP-Liberal gap. The BC Greens continue well back with support from a solid one-in-five decided voters (21%).


The only poll I believe is the one that ends at 8 pm on May 9th. :smiley: