May Election


Gracie’s Mom,

Almost had me going with the re-post…in the beginning I thought you had written a long, fairly amusing conspiracy theory to explain why the Liberals would be better protecting BC jobs…then I saw that you copied and pasted it from an obscure Liberal candidate spouting the party line. I was soooo disappointed…you’re part of the conspiracy.

Bizarre theory to say the least. Essentially the theory suggests that a union in the United States is sharing the same duvet covers as Donald Trump (bought off at the cost of a cheap souvenir pen and a trip to the White House) and further that somehow John Horgan has snuggled up to both the big US union and Donald Trump? Donald, a Republican of the ‘freedom to work legislation’ Republicans?

Even more bizarre are the number of people who have respond to the accusations as if they had some validity. But that’s how conspiracy theories gain validity.

Some key points being overlooked: unions are generally democratic organizations that promote and protect the best interests of their members. (Cue to demonize unions there if you didn’t catch it!) Hence a US union would promote and protect the best interests of US workers – which could easily be argued would exclude the importation of BC logs and lumber at subsidized costs allegedly lower than US product. It would then be very supportive of a tariff being imposed. Makes sense to me … but obviously not in your conspiracy minded plot.

Unluckily the signing took place at the Winter White House (hence the pen as a souvenir)…I’m sure at the summer White house they would have been bribed with chocolate cake and bombs.

But wait…there’s more! Like any good conspiracy theory the logic (?) stretches even further…the US union buys off the Provincial political party (NDP) with a donation. Implied strings attached – that the NDP will sell BC jobs down the river. Strangely enough what is being interpreted as a bribe to shut down NDP support of jobs…may just be an example of a democratic organization supporting a political party to support the protection of jobs in BC. Free speech and freedom of choice sort of thing. Like the union local did in expressing their support of the Liberals.

But no, somehow the donation is part of the conspiracy – if so, and there is a history of unions donating to political party’s why don’t the Liberals just shut it down?

And the theory goes on and on…with no logical end in sight! (As an aside I have this vision of Christy micro aggressively grabbing Trumps elbow and telling him to ‘Calm down Don’).

By the way…kudo’s to the Liberals for working to eliminate the deficit over the last ten years or so. Now if they’d just stop ballooning the provincial debt: which they have by around 21 billion over the same time frame. With more debt to come!

Totally unrelated to anything. I hear Bannon’s been looking for a temporary job while he smooths things over with Donald. Any ideas where he is?


LOL - if you can say “so what” to ONE $700,000 dollar donation from an AMERICAN union to the CANADIAN BC NDP like it is no big deal…and then say the Liberals are bought and paid for is VERY rich!. That is like saying, I killed someone, but this guy over here is worse cause he killed two people. I mean GET REAL!

Both freaking parties are corrupt…ALL government is corrupt. How is this news now?


Agreed. The difference being that the Liberals not the NDP have been in power since 2001. The corporate donations from millionaires shapes BC government policy. And yes. So what that the NDP accepted $700,000 when the Liberals accepted millions from individuals? It is all a matter of degree. The Liberal MLA cries foul about NDP donations, but, doesn’t talk about his own party. The pot calling the kettle black.


too funny ppl think these donations from Business’s and Union’s will buy off the government, I highly doubt it, lets say we had the federal rules for donations apply here in BC, are you telling me the head of say Fortis phones up the Premiers office to see the Premier, you don’t think he would get a meeting right away? if he suggested he would invest x amount of dollars in BC if certain conditions were met you don’t think that would happen no matter which party was in power? of course it would, donation to the party or not


My statement is based in fact. The BC Liberals received millions in donations and gave billions of dollars in contracts to donors. Bought and paid for.


and in that article he says he has no proof, again with any government project it has to be put out for bid and more then likely lowest bid gets the job. last election those same companies where giving the NDP good sums of money because they thought they were going to win are you saying they were buying the NDP off? after all if their donations to the Liberals are buying them off then last election they were buying off the NDP if they won.


Been following for a while …how come nobody taking about platforms and policies…especially Herb.


Interesting to note that the RCMP have started an investigation into Liberal fundraising. The NPP are not under investigation.

The BC Liberal Party says it is returning nearly $100,000 to donors after a Globe and Mail investigation revealed lobbyists had made indirect contributions that obscured the source of the money – a practice that is now the focus of an RCMP investigation.


Yeah there seems to be a huge lack of discussion in regards to each of the party’s platforms. Hondo touched on his briefly in regards to some tax discussion, but outside of that there has been no major emphasis on this and I’m not sure why since all parties have released their full platforms now.

Actually I remember Jen rice referring to some pages from the platform, perhaps about ferry fair reductions, can’t quite remember.

I would like to hear what herb thinks of his liberal party platform in depth


So if there’s 7 union execs making $100,000 a year and you lend their services to a 2 month campaign, I guess that alone would equal a $700K contribution if you’re a Liberal bean-counter.
Or if you got donations from a bunch of LOCALS it counts as just one donation from the main union?
Or excluding any comments from Canadian reps means the whole union and therefore union workers support the American side too?

But you merge into these International Unions and fold Canadian ones, that’s a price you pay. You’re only 10% of what you once were.


The litmus test of a civilized society is how well it protects the citizens least able to defend themselves: the young, poor, elderly, and the sick. Our society fails miserably.



How is it going? I would rather not watch any of them for any length of time.


It’s like seeing three active and extremely volatile volcanoes exploding all at once.

Also Dr. Weaver’s turn to poke the bear (Horgan).


He’s a bit of a hot head, but I’m sure his supporters will just call him passionate about his beliefs.


hate to say this read the article especially this paragraph

The Globe investigation prompted Elections BC to launch a probe, later handed over to the RCMP, into the fundraising practices of the province’s political parties. The governing Liberals and the opposition New Democrats also announced reviews of their own fundraising records

it is both the NDP and Liberals under investigation, sorry to have burst that bubble :slight_smile:


I have question, who watched our local debate and what was your opinions on it?


This is a very close race. After the polling debacle in the 2013 election I have no idea who is going to win.


It will all be decided may 9th


What does our predictor-in-chief (@Grant_G) say?

Whatever he’s predicting, the opposite will happen :slight_smile: