May Election


The poll is flawed…check the detailed tables…

NDP have a huge edge with female voters…however, the Justason poll had only 36% female responses…64% male responses…

1127 total responses…703 male responses…404 female responses …36%…

Also…NDP has big lead in Vancouver proper…

243 of the total responses are from Vancouver proper…GVRD(excluding Vancouver proper) had 433 of the 1127 total responses…easy to skew, bible belt, Langley, Cloverdale, Abbotsford etc etc…we don’t know where those responses came from…

Need more?..Barbara Justason herself…from her bio…she’s a corporate lobbyist…

"Barb is a leading market research professional and advisor to corporations and governments. During her 20-plus-year career, she has provided research and consulting services to almost every sector of the economy: energy producers, natural resource companies, retailers, developers, food and beverage manufacturers, tourism and transportation operators, First Nations communities, crown corporations, municipalities and the provincial government"

Justason has done but 2 polls…their first poll was a 1 riding specific poll…and the one above…And yes, their riding specific poll was flawed too…

In that poll they have too much senior representation and too many under 35…hardly any representation of the age group 35 to 55…and again, very low on the female responses …

Nice try though, …Some pollsters cater their results to those that pay for the poll…and who paid for Justason poll…BC Liberals…



Now you are being obtuse…Liquid propane is not LNG…what next PLA…claiming a new Subway eatery is a sign of impending LNG FIDs…or perhaps another north coast food bank…Christy Clark’s legacy…poverty, child poverty, leading Canada in child poverty for 14 straight years…hope you are proud of that PLA…go vote Christy Clark…Then go look in a mirror…if you can bear it.


Grant: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
Mirror: Murray Kristoff


So LPG is okay in your eyes but not LNG, even though there is not much difference when it comes to the fact they are both highly explosive. You would cut off your nose to spite your face when it comes to LNG. Even Horgan has said he would support LNG, Jennifer Rice is more supportive of PNW Lng now that it is seriously looking at Ridley Island as an alternative site. Plus the majority of benefit agreements have been signed with First Nations.

I guarantee if Horgan is elected he will push for LNG and he will change his mind about Kinder Morgan, he’s a politician and its all about the $$$$ LNG did not die in March 2016 and it won’t be dead in March 2018.


So glad that the BC Liberals are looking out for the little guy, by creating jobs for Chinese workers at BC mines. lol!


Here we go again.

  1. Grant, you have criticized the Justason poll but what poll and/or facts or whatever are you using to predict an NDP victory with such certainty. Most of the polls I have seen are pretty close.

  2. Gracie’s Mom, I don’t think Grant has ever said that he opposes LNG. He may, but most of his criticism is directed at the Liberals use of the LNG industry to help win an election when the facts - at least his interpretation of the facts - indicated that an LNG industry wasn’t going to happen any where near the trillions of dolllars and thousands of jobs and debt free boondoggle that it appears to be. Even if Prince Rupert were to get a terminal, the result on the BC economy (not Rupert’s economy) would be minimal.

ON HTMF the debate shifted quite quickly from whether or not LNG would be a good or a bad thing to whether or not LNG would happen at all. Two entirely different topics. Just because I don’t think the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup, doesn’t mean I don’t want it to happen.


I agree with your opinion and post. We shall see what happens with the proposed LNG. I am glad to see that we are getting new investment, its good for the region.



The NDP an underdog?? Pretty sure this is no different than 2013, it sure feels quite a bit like it. The NDP need voters to actually get off their asses and vote and hope that the Green Party doesn’t split the vote. The Skeena riding is not a guarantee win for the NDP this time around, Ellis Ross is very popular.


Indeed. I think that people may consider voting green, but, then stick with the NDP. Heh. This is of course just idle speculation. I have no read on what is going to happen on the 9th.


NDP for me this election.


Terrace is generally conservative leaning, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that riding got flipped.


Good God why are some of you still carrying on about LNG? It ain’t gonna happen unless the prices go up, and that’s more likely to happen if Trump nukes Pyongyang than anything else in the near future.
Fuck all to do with the BC Liberals.
We’re gonna be paying for a dam on the other side of this province and higher prices for power as part of their ‘giving away the store to attract LNG exports’ and more dollars from central BC than you’ll ever get back building 10 lane bridges in Vancouver.
Take off your damn dream shutters and realize there’s a whole province in the big picture.


watch Vancouver Island for any Green breakthrough


I think Skeena has a big potential to switch from NDP to Liberal this election. NDP truly need to hold on to their north west ridings (North Coast, Skeena, Stikine) to win the election. In Skeena:

-Long time Incumbent is not running again; this tends to soften vote for previous incumbent winning party.
-Popular aboriginal leader is running for the Liberals…support from aboriginals could swing just enough to tip the scales.
-Support for LNG is very strong across this riding, a platform heavily campaigned for by the BC Liberals.
-BC Liberals announced Mills Memorial replacement before election, potential game changer.
-BC NDP only won this riding by 500 votes last time as well…
-Right wing vote was split 3 ways in 2013 with other conservative leaning parties taking nearly 1100 votes. BC Conservative Party & British Columbia Party will not be running candidates this time…that could play a huge factor here.
-The far left L.A.W Party is running a candidate this election, which could steal some votes from the left. NDP was the only left leaning party running in 2013.

If the Liberals are going to breakthrough in the northwest, this is the riding for sure where that will happen.


New poll…Forum Research…NDP heading towards 47 seat majority…Breaking


Another factor that people are forgetting is the total collapse of the BC Conservative Party…this party got over 85,000 votes provincially last time…it is safe to assume that most of those right wing votes would have gone to the BC Liberals.


Polls are for schmucks , you of all people should know that they are unreliable. :laughing:


Well in 2013 the polls had the NDP leading by 20 points. I’m going to wait and see what happens on the 9th. I do hope that Clark is defeated.


Clark has blood on her hands.