May Election



On the North Coast, the NDP’s Jennifer Rice sought her second term and ran away with the vote from the first polls to report.

Rice, before her win in 2013, had been an environmentalist and was the NDP’s critic for northern and rural economic development.

The expansive riding includes Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Lax Kw’alaams, Bella Bella and Bella Coola, among other centres.

Herb Pond was back running for the Liberals, after last seeking the seat in 2009. Pond is a former mayor of Prince Rupert and former Lax Kw’alaams band administrator.

Hondo Arendt, a professor at Northwest Community College, was running for the third time for the Greens.


Crazy night…Liberal minority…unless of course Courteney-Comox somehow switches to Liberal after absentee ballots…but it is clear that all the parties elected are going to have to work together to get things done.

Skeena switching to Liberal was no surprise to me, either was North Coast staying NDP.


awww someone’s 47 prediction was wrong, gee go figure


And I thought Albertans were stubborn. 16 years of total decline and Nechako rewards Rustad with another huge majority.
I won’t worry about it, lunch is packed, work boots are by the door. Waiting fir the phone to ring with a job job job…


He’s pretty quiet since last night.


shhhhh he is hunting a wascally wabbit now, it is wabbit season :slight_smile:



she might have lost her majority but she might still run the government


Agreed. It will be fascinating to see what happens with the recounts and the absentee ballots. If the seat count remains as is it will be interesting to see who the Greens support.


Well you blew your chance. If you’d elected a Green MLA you’d have some influence in matters.
Muah hah hah…


Heh. If the Greens align themselves with the NDP I would say the Orange crowd will have some influence. I’m very curious to see how this plays out.



Any comment, @Realmediavoices ?

I think that’s 3 predictions you’ve been wrong about now…


When GrantG sticks to facts and opinions based on those facts there is much that I agree with. It’s his ouija board predictions that are his downfall. Here are more from the article.

  1. We will be going back to the polls in the fall …guaranteed.
  2. The Liberals will be led by Kevin Falcon.
  3. For #1 to happen we have to assume that he predicts Courtney - Comox stays NDP.
  4. For #1 to happen Andrew Weaver will make no attempt to support the Liberals or the NDP.

If you have a couple of fingers to tap on a keyboard you are now qualified to make predictions here’s mine.

Courtenay - Comox will stay NDP. I am not really sure about that as 9 votes isn’t much of a lead but if it doesn’t stay NDP then the other predictions are no longer relevant.

Andrew Weaver/Greens will not formally support the Liberals but they will allow the Liberals to introduce a throne speech. My guess is that the government will concede some things to the opposition at least through the spring when the Liberals introduce the budget which will doom them then.

Nobody wants an early election. The Liberals need time to get a new leader (and just for the hell of it I guess Todd Stone) and neither opposition party has money to run another campaign this soon.

I could probably make up more pointless predictions but my fingers are tired from tapping.


here is my prediction based on Harper’s minority government

even if it is a liberal minority, and no support from the greens, no election for at least a year or two, this is based on the fact that the liberals have a large money pool left over, while the NDP and Greens have none, they will need to raise money for another election, so their members will get the voting flu whenever they might bring down the goverrnment


This is precisely what will happen…if another election occurs during the current year…the Libs have a TON of cash, NDP and Green basically have nothing left in the war chest.

They will allow the Liberals to govern until they have enough money to topple them and signal an election.


It means the final seat count is 43 for the Liberals, 41 for the NDP, and 3 for the Green Party.

It also leaves the Liberals one seat short of 44 seats — and a majority in the legislature — leaving a variety of scenarios in play, including a possible NDP government with the support of the Green Party.


here is a scenario no one thought of, the speaker of the legislature has to be picked, they are voted on by the MLA’s and the speaker has to be an MLA as well, so that means one less person for the party the speaker comes from, ie: liberals would have 42 MLA’s if the speaker came from the liberals, so here is the scenario, Clark gets the chance to be Premier first, first order of business is a Speaker of the legislature, she tells her MLA"s do not run for it, let it go to the opposition, now it will be 43 vs 43, for the Speaker does not vote on any legislation, but the Speaker does vote if there is a tie, and get this the Speaker has to vote with the government.thus an unofficial majority


Regardless what the end result is all mla’s will need to be in the Legislature on the days when bills are voted on.