KFC coming soon to Rupert

:confused: well i dont quite understand but a friendly person told me that rupert may be possibly having KFC served at Pizza Hut.

personally i think kfc is gross but just wondering.:smile:

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I like having KFC once in a blue moon, but mostly to remind myself of why I stopped eating it.

As for No. 1, I used to love their chicken fingers when I was a kid.  Now, If I were hungry for Chinese, I’d go to Galaxy Gardens.  Nowhere else.  Either that or I’d make it myself.

You can’t beat Stardust for quality and quantity!

Yeah, I go there frequently.  Fair price, good food, and friendly service.

Yes I agree and it’s better than Galaxy Gardens esp taste wise…
Galaxy seems more like Number 1 over time, same owners…
Stardust is always consistent… 

This is what I was told a while back, it will occur around April…

we should prolly preorder our buckets now to ensure we get them with the service they have had there

HAHAHAHHAHAHA too true :smiley:

In fairness I have had stardust serve me Special Fried Rice with broken glass in it!

but did you say no broken glass? or just no msg?

  That’s what made it so “special” :smiley:    Go to Fairview, great food, great portions and good prices, served HOT too…Fancy that!

Just watch out for the wildlife running along the floor.  It’ll make you lose your appetite in a hurry.

When I was living in Pville, I was working at HH, and next door there was a chinese food place.

One night we were closing up HH, and outside the front door was this very large, very (dare I say) cute rat with very glossy, soft looking fur.  I was startled, though not scared by it, and just said something offhand to my boss “Wow, that’s a good lookin’ rat!”  And he said, “Yeah, it came from next door!  They’re well fed over there” or something to the like.

Three days later the Chinese restaurant was shut down due to several health violations, one of which being that there was rat feces all over the place, including food prep areas, and this was during dinner time!

After it was shut down, it was completely cleaned out, and the entrances for the rats were closed up, new owners took over, and it became the best chinese food in town.

At another place I worked, this time in Nanaimo, there was a close by Chinese restaurant, and though it was very clean, and the food was great, it was a bit startling to hear of my co-workers tell me about the times they took the garbage out back, and there in the middle of the common hall (not for the public, just for the merchants’ use) and there would be someone chopping up and de-feathering chickens on the floor.

You can’t say anything about Chinese restaurants that phases me anymore.  But I still try to eat at the ones with the better reputations!  (BTW, the Chinese food here in town is really, really, horrible compared to other places.)

people that leave here say its the best chinese food compared to van etc. i think it just the style you get used to lol

I’ve heard people from out of town say our take-out’s the best also … so I think it’s just personal preference and the person you’re talking to

Well I think Nanamo is horrible, so welcome to paradise …    :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Nanaimo is horrible too, which is why I left!  Hee hee… but I do miss the shopping and Chinese food! 

funny I miss Rupert chinese food when I go else where…
I do wish we had Boston Pizza instead of Pizza Hut…  The menu is so limited at PH

I have to agree…I think Rupert has some of the best Chinese food around. Actually when my mom and I used to fly back East every summer, we could not leave without bringing back Galaxy or Stardust to my Aunt in Ontario. Guess it is one of a kind!