KFC coming soon to Rupert

FYI:  KFC will be added to the Pizza Hut Space sometime this spring…

There will be a take out area to the right as you enter Pizza Hut.  You will also be able to take it into the restaurant area to eat it…

So no more traveling to Terrace for that great Chicken. 

Is this a prince rumour?? and if so how dare you!!!

??? really??? sad!!


My god we r human; we eat meat and damn its finger licken good…

When I was a teenager I worked in KFC…after I quit working there it was 10 years before I could eat chicken again. :smile:

Speaking of arteries slamming shut… I had food from #1 for dinner and now I’m mega lethargic and feel like a big bag of pus.  I think my body is in shock from not eating there in over a year.  

Three of us had small fries there today.  Awesome that a “small” fries can feed three people.

lol your kind aren’t very large :smile:

hee hee look at the ad.

KFC is returning to Prince Rupert?  I only left Rupert because the old one shut down…

Mmmm… KFC… Neon Green coleslaw, with limpy fries dipped in whitish snottish brown gravy, accompanied by triple deep fried chicken and two bite brownies.

Mmm. I love KFC!  (actually, I do, for real, but I’m not sure why, 'cause it really is gross!)

Just never read the ingredients, or the nutritional information and you’ll be fine.

You ate at #1 Fast Foods? 

I know.  It was a total moment of weakness and I thought I might as well since I hadn’t in a looooooong time.

It will be an even longer time yet again though.  Four hours later and I still feel like a bag of pus.  Maybe even a bag of pus that got run over by a truck.  Either way… soooooo not right. :frowning:

I personally will avoid eating at KFC it is does end up coming here again, and is there a reason it would go in the pizza hut building…i thought  they had partnered with Taco Bell…or are they all one big fatty food army? I know chicken is considered a farm animal but their employees treat the animals horrible.  http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com/                      I also am aware that Peta is a very Radical group.

Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, A&W and Long John Silver’s are all part of Yum! Brands - The world’s largest restaurant company.

It would be nice to have a KFC again. Unfortunate that it’s going into the Pizza Hut location. That place has the worst service I’ve ever seen. I refuse to go there anymore.

It should get better pretty soon… they just had a management overhaul on a few certain employees.


Indeed they did, no more rumor throwing management.  :smiley: I’m tempted to apply there again.