KFC coming soon to Rupert

Anyone remember Brownies Chicken, in the location now occupied by the PayDay Loan?  And where was the old Mr. Mikes?

The Mr. Mikes was in the same area in the PON mall where the
Deli is now.

No the deli was always there where it is now… 

Mr. Mikes was where the lower part of Northern Health is now next to the Deli

Brownies was pretty good.  Remember Erics steak house in the Rupert Square?

Right. Memory getting dim!

Where was that Eric’s Steak House?

Wasn’t the steak house in the Rupert Square where the old Post Office was called Cosmos?

could be, may have been Cosmos then changed to Eric’s…

I am starting to remember a little

Yes exactly…then was erics…

Reminds me of that Sylvester Stallone movie, Demolition Man, where all the restaurants were Taco Bells.

i got that movie off a torrent site but somehow taco bell was changed to pizza hut

Tried Taco Del Merde?

Will that be beef, chicken or pork filling?
Don’t matter, they all look like they leaked out of a diaper…

You guys dont get mashed potatoes at KFC, just stuck with fries.  I feel sorry for you.

i beg to differ, on of my fav KFC meals is the bowls with mashed potato, corn, chicken strips, and gravy

Isnt there cheese in it too?

KFC made good chicken burgers, at least.

mmmmm that sounds great but why pizza hut? I heard there was an earwig baked into the crust of a pizza delivered how gross is that !!!

Baked earwig…?  well I must say, a bit more tasty then mild wings.

Ah they’re just like  mini anchovies, they even look the same, though anchovies are much longer in size… :imp:

Because they’re all owned by the same company, along with taco bell.  Down here most KFCs are combined with Taco Bell.