Covid-19 in Northern BC

Nice! We have Covid-idiots a plenty here on the North Coast. I really don’t get that mind set at all. I like what Quebec is doing; they’re requiring vaccine passports to get into liquor stores and weed dispensaries. In the future they’re going to require passports for shopping malls. I hope BC does the same.

Yes there are Covidiots here too. A friend of mine got his first dose, refuses to get the 2nd.
“In light of the NEW evidence”
whatever the hell that is…

Covidiots are just afraid to admit they’re chickenshit of needles like babies. Why the hell else would they make up such absurd excuses to avoid it.

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their new evidence is , See even ppl vaccinated are getting it, but what they don’t realize is vaccines do no prevent you from getting it they prevent you from getting seriously ill, also the BC government or their msging is partly to blame too, why close down bars, nightclubs and gyms but keep casino’s open? especially if you have a passport mandate being enforced?

Yes. Even though I’m triple vaccinated I can catch Covid-19, but, I am far less likely to be seriously ill. The deaths are happening with the un-vaccinated. So get fully vaccinated folks!
Casinos bring in good tax dollars for the government.

I don’t understand why the BC government is in such a rush to bring K-12 students back into the classroom tomorrow… In my opinion I think this is a mistake; Omicron is surging. University students are doing remote learning for the next while.

Just finished a hellish 6 hour 4wheel drive in the snow to get the wife from PGH. Sending her home to free up the bed. Now I discover I have to drive her there and back again later this week for more tests.
Like we all just live down the street from a Regional Hospital.
But policy is policy is policy

There were 72 cases of Covid-19 last week, that’s a 200% increase from the previous week. Omicron is spreading rapidly. Protect yourself and get vaccinated. You’re less likely to die if you’re fully vaccinated.

Last week there were 90 cases of Covid-19. Stay safe folks, get fully vaccinated.

Covid-19 cases in Prince Rupert are declining. We had 70 cases last week, a reduction of 20 cases.