Covid-19 in Northern BC

This is off topic but was wondering how you are coping, I see your little community has been in the news.

Yeah, quite the disaster here. I actually got interviewed by CBC radio but that part ended on the cutting room floor. There were more interesting stories from a local doctor, a native elder and a business woman that had a case of Covid run on Daybreak North.
Like I tell people, in the many years I’ve lived here the shit from the fan only stops long enough to catch your breath. We’ll see this pass too.
Mask up, stay home, stay safe.

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Holy crap, it sounds pretty crazy! How many cases in Fort St. James now?

How about Prince Rupert? What’s the official count?

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good question Northern Health does not report in what cities the cases are in, they claim for privacy reasons, no one is asking who the cases are just where they are, we only found out about the one at SHoppers Drug Mart because the company released the info, NH refused to release the info, you have to go to The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control to find out that info for they do list by city and Rupert had 3 cases for the week ending Dec 5

I’ve seen some stuff that indicates that It’s definitely more than 3 in Rupert.

Yeah, that’s my guess too. Northern Health is very tight lipped regarding anonymity.

Now that the BC CDC are updating weekly we will see how many new are each week. Northern Health only informs when there is a chance of a community outbreak. Like with the flight from Vancouver.


I’m feeling a bit vulnerable these days. It would be nice if we could have a better idea on the extent of infections here in Prince Rpert.

Yeah, I think that’s the right balance between privacy and community interest.

Last thing you want is the conspiracy crazies targeting those infected. I know that’s been a worry here in Alberta, where many people still think it’s all a hoax. If they find out you’ve tested positive, you’d be inviting a lot of “you’re faking! You’re in on the conspiracy by Hugo Chavez!” etc.

Officially 40 to 60 in Fort St. James or in Fort St. James & Vanderhoof.
Our Mayor and MLA are calling for some transparency so we know for sure, both caught and embarassed by conflicting numbers from areas and differing agencies.

Regardless. even 40 is too many. Too many people are driving to Price George every other day to shop, congregating and not taking basic precautions. But in the last week I’ve only seen a single person without a mask. The whole line up stared at him and he ran away.

So the BC CDC site now says 0 cases in Prince Rupert area.

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Most people have been pretty good here with wearing masks and physical distancing but there are still those that are travelling to Terrace, mostly I presume for shopping.

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Travelling to the next town can be excused. If your SaveOn is like ours cows only produce $59kg steaks or hamburger, packaged for 6 people. I routinely give the manager a hard time: the road ONLY GOES to the 2nd biggest port in BC and you have no fish at all, again.
Zero men’s clothes. Had no choice last week but to go to PG for socks, her for shoes.

And on subject, the choppers have been flying Covid cases out every day even though they added an extra ambulance.

Latest count 108 cases in Ft St James-Ft Fraser-Vdhf area. It’s ripping thru the reserves…

1010 has clearly has been the opportunity to identify the bone stupid among us.
The ones who failed Science 8 and thinks CO2 molecules are larger than cells.
The ones who are by definition crazy - i.e. “everyone is wrong and I am right”
The assholes who simply will not comply simply because they were asked to, i.e. the moron I heard on the radio who will not wear a mask because ‘Trudeau’ wants (ordered!) him to.
In the cartoon above - ‘My body - my choice’, rest assured 100% that person is carrying a sign saying the exact opposite at an anti-abortion rally.
People who’d go bananas if you called them a fascist, yet won’t accept a sound election defeat.
The cow down the street with an anti-vax sign when the whole world is on edge waiting for one.
etc. etc. etc.

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One case in PR as of Dec. 13-19th data.

No new cases in Rupert last week. Look at those darker shaded areas surrounding us.

I heard there was a case at Lax Kxeen this week and an exposure at PRMS. Both schools had letters sent home to parents. But considering what’s happening to the East of us we sure as hell can’t complain. People need to not go East unless it’s essential travel.

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