Covid-19 in Northern BC

I’m not here to argue but you can still carry the virus even if you are vacvinated and therefore infect people. For the record, I am double vaccinated and pro vaccine.

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That’s true. However, you’re less likely to die from COVID-19 if you are fully vaccinated. I’m also fully vaccinated. I mask up when I am indoors and I social distance.

You are FAR LESS likely to catch it and even less likely to spread it if you’re vaxxed. That’s just falling into the latest bullshit excuse the anti-vax crowd is mouthing…IE what’s the point in getting it…

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Prince Rupert had 5 Covid-19 cases last week, a decrease of one case. Prince George (where my 18 year old is living) had 280 cases. Get fully vaccinated people!

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No increase with Covid-19 last week in Rupert; we’re still at 5 cases. Prince George is well over 300 cases. :frowning:

Wife mentioned that three people called in sick today, a Friday before a long weekend. That’s like 30% of those scheduled to work.
Boy, if I was the Supervisor I’d insist they get Covid tested before they can come back. The Clinic won’t be open until Tuesday, results would take until Thursday or Friday. that’s 3 or 4 days unpaid. That you couldn’t grieve! That’d teach 'em.

Bad news. Our Covid-19 numbers are increasing. Last week we had 15 cases. The week prior we had 5 cases.

There were 13 Covid-19 cases last week in Rupert, a slight decrease. If you’re not vaccinated the Delta variant is a danger to you.