Covid-19 in Northern BC

Two cases of Covid-19 in town according to the data from last week.

Zero cases in Rupert last week according to the BC Center for Disease Control.

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Went to the A&Rubberchew in Vanderhoof on the weekend, discovered they’re back to drive thru only. And old fart pushed past us, banged on the door and screamed ‘it’s all BULLSHIT’…
He was at least 70.
I never realized that Idiocracy was a documentary,.


One case of of Covid-19 in town according to the data from last week. Stay safe, my friends. Mask up.

Our numbers for Covid–19 are escalating across the Northern half of BC. According to the BC Center for Disease control we had 8 cases of Covid-19 in Prince Rupert last week. Stay safe! If you’re not fully vaccinated I suggest that you consider getting a shot.

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Health pro on CTV news said last night if you don’t get the shot, projections show there is a 90% chance you will get Covid by Dec 2022.
Go ahead, call him a liar, fake news, Communist, whatever you want. It’ll make you feel better until they shove that tube down your throat.
(I’m not as polite as HiTest… you’ve heard ‘suggestions’ for months)


Glad nobody from the local tinfoil group protested at our hospital on Wednesday. It was pretty disgraceful.


I think they’re all here in Northern Alberta.

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The North Coast is back down to three Covid-19 cases. Great job Prince Rupert! I suggest you get vaccinated to protect yourself against the Delta variant.

Friends just back from Plague Central (Alberta) they delivered a car to their kids in Medicine Hat but wouldn’t stay. Too many cases there, she said 600 in the city but she’s known to be full of shit.
The kids were unvaxxed, but they called 2 days later that they got their first shots. Nobody would hire them otherwise.

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I’m grateful that UNBC requires everyone to be fully vaccinated as a condition of admission. UNBC is an island in PG which had 247 cases last week. I’ve lost my patience with anti-vaxxers. There is no cure for stupid. I read remarks from a disease specialist who said that the Delta variant is a heat seeking missile for the unvacinated. Get yourself fully vaccinated.

The numbers here in Rupert are going the wrong way. We had 6 cases last week which is a 200% jump from the week before. Get vaccinated folks.

We don’t know if those cases were in vaccinated or unvaccinated persons or both. We do need more to get their 2nd shot after having so many get the 1st.

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True. My family is fully vacinnated, but, I am very cautious given the fact that even a fully vaccinated person can get infected. A fully vaccinated person is less likely to die from Covid-19.


A niece, a vet assistant decided to get the shots. Just lately. My sister (retired nurse) my BIL (retired hospital admin) nagged her for months, but her hubby and family are rabid, frothing anti-vaxxers.
What changed her mind was everyone gets their dog and cat vaccinated with parvo and rabies shots and doesn’t think twice. And all the shots she got as a kid seemed to work, she’s not walking in steel braces, in an iron lung or covered with pustules and scars.,

BTW her older sister’s a medical assistant, grandma was a nurse, auntie’s a biochemist, 2 cousins are nurses and one’s a dietician. Took 4 months to overcome hubby the Covidiot.

Ironically, my dog had his first Coronavirus vaccine in back in 2015 or so.

Thankfully we aren’t like the communities East and North of us who have had a lot of cases and whose hospitals can’t handle the influx of patients. Plus we all know that there is a shortage of nurses and doctors Province wide. It also amazes me that there are nurses that won’t get the vaccine.

The people who are going to care for us could make us sick. That’s insane. I have no patience anymore for anti-vaxxer morons.

My patience is worn out with those who can’t distinguish a belief from fact or think the two are equal in value.