Bitcoin in the north

Anyone looking to purchase bitcoin or other alt coins in the north we will be installing a bitcoin atm at Cowpuccino’s in Prince Rupert. If you are interested and are in the surrounding areas we will be able to help. Message me anytime.

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Will it work in the other direction? ie: can we take Canadian dollars out from bitcoin?

Will it require ID and stuff like that?

Lol Bitcoin will be more useless than the toilet paper one wipes there ass with if computer networks ever went down .

How is this any different from our current banking system? Bitcoin and blockchain technology is the future. Even the banks use blockchain now.

We are working on a 2 way feature right now but will not have it set up initially. ID will only be required on credit card purchases which will also come at a later date. We also have a fingerprint scanner so you can set up an account for easy access later.

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What does this have to do with anything? Are you going to post an article about the millions of pyramids and ponzis started with cash because it is no different. There is a misconception about bitcoin because in the past a small group of people have used it for illicit activities. I would forget bitcoin all together and think of it only as the US dollar to the cryptocurrency market. The real thing to research is blockchain. I think if you look at the right information your mind will be opened to the possibilities.

I heard something about someone having bitcoin stolen so I’m never going to trust bitcoin.

I heard something about someone having cash stolen so I’m never going to trust cash.

I heard something about someone having their credit card stolen so I’m never going to trust credit cards.

I heard the original Ponzi scheme was done with postage stamps so I’m never going to trust postage stamps.


What is bit coin backed against ?

Canadian Tire money.

What is that $20 picture of the queen backed against? What does that even mean?

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Its backed against something called proof of work. It currently costs over $1000 usd to create 1 bitcoin. I wonder how much it costs to print a $100 bill? If you want to talk about ponzi schemes the central banks have been running one since the the civil war , it’s called paper money.

all money issued by governments are backed by their governments, who backs Bitcoin? Bitcoin is like owning a stock but without any asset, business or government to back it up, it is buyer or user beware

It is all based on intrinsic value just like 95% of the stock market. Just because a government or bank is backing doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Governments hyper inflate and devalue currency all the time. With bitcoin no central figure is in control so there is no way of this happening hence the steady growth.


Is that why my dollar is worth 30% less than it was 5 years ago?

Money is worth what someone will give you for it. That applies for bitcoin and Canadian dollars too.

True. I don’t know a lot about digital currencies like bitcoin. I’m too conservative to invest in bitcoin, but, I do find this topic intriguing.

Machine is set up now. Works great! I bought $100 Canadain of Litecoin today :slight_smile:

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Any photos? :slight_smile:

Next time I’m in Rupert, I’ll have to check it out.

Northern B.C. gets its first bitcoin ATM as the value of cryptocurrency surges

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(lacking even a Timmies)