Tim Hortons question

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What is the smallest town in Canada that has a Tim Hortons?

What is the largest town in Canada that doesn’t have a Tim Hortons?

Can’t answer the question, but I know that Nelson BC with a population slightly more 10,000 does not have a Tim Hortons.

I know a small town in Cape Breton that does have a Tim Hortons… but now it’s part of a larger municipality, so I don’t know if it counts for the “smallest town with a Tim Hortons”

Hooterville has one. If you ever want to see a Manchurian Fire Drill, order something there.
You’ll learn to respect how native oral tradition passes down history. By the time your Double double with a sausage biscuit and cruller goes down the line, its a pickled herring roll mop on a maple dip and an ice cap.

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Invermere BC population 2955 has one.

How about the largest town or municipality without one?

This Google Map has all the locations… so just a matter of patience :slight_smile: Link: http://bit.ly/2AHUmNM

I wonder if we should count those little shops inside gas stations?
Ashcroft, BC, population of 1,558 has a Tim Hortons…