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Time to post those HTMF stickers all along Hwy16 again?
Are there no other issues people along it have to discuss?
Price of food, housing, lack of development, native issues not issues worth talking about around these parts?
No one else seen those gluten free hot dog buns ‘on sale’ at MoreOn Foods for $34.50 a dozen?

Or has everyone done as it seems and all discussion is only worthy on a foreign billionaire’s site? I mean, Facebook=The Internet these days…

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I have a love-hate relationship with social media, FB, in particular. I’ve deleted my FB account and re-started it many times over the last several years. I actually prefer discussion of substance here. There’s not a lot of good discussion on FB, mostly memes and white noise. I’m curious to see if my pension payments will increase a little bit this month.

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I use it to talk to friends and relatives out of the area, but everything else is targeted ads and bullshit.

We have so many motor homes we’re giving one away free top the 1,000th person that clicks here.
Pic of old guy in motorized wheelchair: Seniors Mobility Scooters $29.95
4TB external high speed SSD only $2.95, that sort of BS

I do not spend all day looking at FB and I don’t want it on my iPhone at all. Yet many customers, even though I ask them to text or call insist on using Messenger and complaining loudly I didn’t answer quick enough. Or sneer if I tell them they got their malware on FB…
Even though there’s only a few active users I do enjoy the posts and reports of different OS’s and fixes for things. But I miss the banter and chat from Rupert and Terrace about stuff that’s going on around Hwy 16. Sort of like the check into castanet to see what’s up in the Okanagan. Beats a FB group any day.
I only have a handful of forums I go to for discussion and some of them are just places for right wing whiners and bozos who think F— Trudeau is political discussion.
Even tech forums have turned into "My computer won’t even turn on… A- just download X for $Y and… A= download Z for $Q