Your papers please!

No comment as I’m trying to avoid a Godwin.

The BG over reacted to, "What difference does it make"
but once the driver was asked for his keys he should have
kept his yap shut and done as he was told without challenging.

Being obstreperous isn’t going to get you out of the parking lot so
just be compliant and let those nobs at the border do their job
and be on your way.

Fuck the U.S.A,  if its that much bullshit for us canadians to go spend our canadian money in the U.S.A , to prosper there economy,  i say it isn’t worht the bull, make it harder for americans to come to canada and spend our money here .

Especially when the U.S.A says that the U.K is there closest allie fuck em let em go to the U.K  but dont do anything that benifits the U.S.A

The driver was an idiot that was looking to provoke a scene with his voice recorder at the ready. And they used to laugh about ugly americans when they travelled… guess he’s trying to promote an ugly canuck image for us all.

Sorry but if they’re gonna treat me like just another foreigner, I’ll check out other destinations to visit.
Used to go to the USA a lot, simply because we were treated like they wanted us to come.

I’ve only crossed the border twice. I didnt feel wanted in the country so I wont be going back.  Especially since speaking to a border guard now constitutes assault and has a legal precedent… wicked.

Fuck you USA.

My last trip to the Excited States, I used my credit card a lot while shopping.  50% of the time I used my card, and my wife also ‘borrowed’ it when she shopped.

Every single time I used my card, I was asked for ID to prove it was mine.  Even though the signature matched.  I guess I’m not white enough, or my name sounds too much like a terry wrist or something.

My wife took my card, with my name written on it, and used it.  She signed her name on it, so clearly the signatures didn’t match.  Not once was she asked for ID.  Guess she’s white enough :smile:

This is the first time I’ve ever noticed this, and it was maybe just a Seattle thing, 'cause I don’t remember it ever happening anywhere else in the USA.  Not even in the deepest south, where they tend to have a love-hate relationship with people who look like me, was I ever asked for my ID when using my credit card.  I’ve never been asked for ID in Canada either.

So yeah, there’s definitely some undercurrents of “we don’t want you here” going on somewhere.

On the other hand, the US border guards had no problem letting me and my kids in, but they questioned my wife, 'cause she didn’t look like either her passport photo or her drivers license photo.  Eventually they let her through, though, 'cause she smiled a lot.  I wonder if I would get away with that…

I’m not sure how much validity I give to this taped conversation. The fact that he was taping it at all get’s my suspicions going. The other part I noticed is the tone of his voice right from the get-go.

It just seems like he was taping it intending to get into trouble.

answer the questionms to the best of your anility and there willl be no problem.  Some people will try and throw attitude out like as a diversion to non confromtational officers in the hope they get waved through quicker.

This one back fired and the traveller ended up with a cowboy officer who might of been having a shitty day to start with and the asshole traveller sent him off.

I have seen RUDE and BELIGERENT border guards on both sides, mostly on the US side.  All im saying is answwer the questions they pose and nothing more.  Everytime we go throughIw ould tell the wife that I will do the talking…and her and kids are to shddup!!!
I would say…" I do the talking…keep your lips sealed…and ONLY speak when you are directly addressed by the officer"…

mcsash, are you still in town? You ran off the other day like border guards may have been chasing you or might of been fish cops.

ya sorry buddy…
didnt mean to be rude and run…
im in town…

Well I always enjoy seeing you and talking with you so if by chance. I think you used to talk with me when I worked at Booth, the good old days.

Read more about peter watts and you will believe it.  I just took the first google entry but there is much more to the story: … canad.html

This was the nail in the coffin. I will never enter a situation where I have to deal with the US border  guards.

Je sus - I’m not convinced that the op’s material, matches that of your recent post.  I say that solely because of this:

“Watts was trying to cross back into Canada at the Blue Water Bridge near Sarnia, Ont., on Dec. 8 when his vehicle was selected for inspection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.”

Read more: … z0nwTKQxdQ

In the video, the male was trying to get INTO the United States.  In the report I read on “Peter Watts”, it shows him LEAVING the US.

Yes but he was stopped by US border guards for an “exit check”.  It was still US border guards not canadian border guards.

Well based on his history with the border guards I can see why he would decide to tape his interractions with them. It also explains why he sounds so angry dealing with them.

Since he’s been charged with assaulting one of the guards, it might also explain why on the tape they waste no time switching into suspect mode with him.

These are two separate incidents/people. 

I really doubt its an exit/export check.
reason being is that the officer assks where he’s going.  if it was an export/exit…it might of been where WERE you…

Cmon people…fait attention!!!

I’ve been to the States for work, shopping, skiing, and holidays hundreds of times. I’ve never seen the US Border Patrol or Homeland Security do an “exit check”…that’s what the CBSA do. I’ve had my vehicle pulled apart by Canada Customs and been interrogated by the US crew on the way in but have never seen any exit checks by either nation.
Maybe they don’t do those kinds of checks in the West…sure sounds funny to me.

very rude, and controling of you to speak to someone that way, especially yo your wife.
do agree about answering only to the questions asked