You know you’re in Rupert when…

You know you’re in Rupert when…

 You can’t find sunblock in any retail store.

 No matter what you want to buy, it’ll “take a few business daysâ€

Just a little bit of negativity there. Prince Rupert is a great place to live. Its better than Prince George thats for sure. All the snow and dead moose. Drives me up the wall.

Some of the most expensive cars in town are driven by people who don’t work.

ahah i found that one funny, however they do work… they just fish crab

When all dentist compete on having the better car.

:open_mouth: I love rupert too. i love the one about the garbage men how true is that, my god they get paid over 20 dollers an hr… those poor basterds sure work hard for there money lol…not…
you now you are in rupert when the locals complain about the rain, or when its too hot, or when its windy, or or they just love to bitch…lol…you now how many times I herd its too hot here from the locals lol…any who thats my 2 bits :unamused:

I used to work for a local dentist in PR, before moving, and he had an OLD FAIRLANE- duct taped to death and only started-up when it wanted to. Nicest guy in the world though; Dr. McMillan. :smiley:

Also, YOU KNOW YOU’RE from PR when:

-You measure distance by time and not miles or Km’s.

-You know the seasons as WET, WET AND COLD, WET AGAIN, and WET AND SUNNY.

-You call VANCOUVER by it’s name and not: “The Coast”

-Deer in your garden is expected and not FEARED.

-You have more bars and nightclubs then retail shops.

-You learn to operate a boat before you learn to drive a car.

-The only other languages you have to choose from in school are french and INDIAN.

-And last but not least… you detest seafood until you move away and realize that NOTHING is as good as SMILES!!!

Mmm, what I would do for a Fisherman’s Platter right about now.

The so called “seafood” down here is SHIT!!! However, there is a place in Enderby and in Salmon Arm called “Fisherman’s Direct” which is run by some former Ruperties, and their stuff is reall good. Some of it is actully brought in from PR. I miss SMILES, and LA CUCHINA the pizza place. Mmmmmmmmmmm…

You know your in rupert when a tourist says

  • Wheres the mall ?
  • This is the mall
  • No I mean the real mall

True Story

-when everything smells like fish

You know you are in Rupert when no one around you smiles.

Kudo’s to Prudence for that one.

Also, you know you’re in PR when everyONE around you smells like fish and poverty. Puke… I’d never live there again!!! 18 years was enough for me!

Wow man slap in the face with that one.

You know your in [size=24][/size]P.R[size=12][/size] when the biggest traffic

jams are caused by out of town,which last about 6 to 30 seconds.

Enderby and Salmon Arm eh… Directions? I’m living in Winfield and fly into Salmon Arm all the time… a seafood lunch sounds like a worthy pitstop.

Winfield you lucky DICK! I tried for years to get posted near there, I missed a 70 yr old house across from the fruit plant on Woods Lake w 2 acres of orchard for $70k. wAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

btw I miss Smiles, and I’ve only been there once. Freshwater sucks

I beg to differ on that one. There are lots of happy people in Prince Rupert… maybe they just see you and change their minds? :laughing:

dude smiles is ass compared to some other spots within spitting distance.

You know you’re in Rupert when…

you see people crossing 3rd avenue anywhere and as slowly as possible,

your summer tan lasts for about one week in September,

you’re actually thinking of inventing a baseball gumboot,

But, you also know you’re in Rupert when…

a sunny day is always a glorious day,

people are always sharing the fish they catch with friends,

and people keep a positive outlook even in difficult times.

It’s a great place. Sorry for you Kaboo!

I’m glad someone finally mentioned this. Everytime I go to Smiles, the food is crap and the service is even worse. Breakers, Cow Bay Cafe, or Boulets is much better. Hell, I’d rather eat fish from a hotel restaurant than Smiles.