Yadda Yadda Toronto Protests yadda

Just watching some of the demonstrations in Toronto where much of it has got out of control. Now I will admit to marching for some purpose years ago but what gets me while watching this shit, how or why do they set a police car on fire or smash windows then produce the peace sign. That just does not jive in my books , it’s as crazy as the Americans invading a country in the name of peace. Makes as much sense as fornicating for virginity.

Those were Anarchists who infiltrated a non-violent union protest, and probably a few agent provocateurs of whatever stripe.

Well we don’t often agree, Justin Case, but I agree with you 100% here. I’m a firm believer in our right to protest–but when harm is done to people and property it’s gone too far.

Just spoke with my sister who is there.  She followed the black shirts around all day and reported some interesting accounts of the action - on both sides.

Seriously, I don’t mind mass peaceful protests, but I don’t get why idiots in black (regardless if they’re die-hard anarchist or not) have to ruin it and providing justification for the $1billion security. Especially this:


They are f***ed in the brain pretty much.

Well thank you there Eccentric . Maybe we can do it again some time… :laughing:

Maybe it’s not the actual protesters that are causing all of the drama? I doubt that anyone who wants to send an actual message, would resort to that.


Werent the piggies in quebec busted ‘infiltrating’ protest groups and inciting violence? I do believe they were.

Do not trust all you see on the news :wink:  Not saying thats the case here but it really wouldnt surprise me. If i had a sound cannon I’d sure try and make an excuse to play with it.

They were, I’ve watched the video on youtube. I was trying to embed it here, but I suck at doing it and it didn’t work so I gave up. :unamused:

It’s happened at more than one protest. But of course, I’ll get another … for saying that. :unamused:

And when the violent protests are used as an excuse to curtail all legitimate protest, we are all hooped.

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Too bad violent protests happens, and there always be black block anarchists in every one of those peaceful protests. Interesting that I haven’t heard the protest organisers denouncing them yet.

Very sad that they’re making the billion dollar security scheme look more legitimate.

Werent the piggies in quebec busted ‘infiltrating’ protest groups and inciting violence? I do believe they were.[/quote]

LOL. What about the riot in Downtown Vancouver 5 month ago? Protest organisers were pretty quiet ever since.

Exactly… and its already happening. I personally would never attend a protest for fear I would see gordon campbell or harper and the smug smirk on their face would send me into a rage causing me to do something stupid.

My blood boils every time I think of schools being mandated to be carbon neutral forcing them to buy carbon credits in pacific carbon trust which then funnels the money to places like whistler to buy ‘energy efficient’ spas and hot tubs.

Rad… funds meant for education get spent on fat old rich fuckers. 

My point being sometimes violence happens and sometimes violence is warranted.

This is a contentious statement to say the least. 

The perpetrator of said violent act or those who feel they could benefit from the outcome of a violent act would line up to receive their just spoils.

The victim of said violent act surrenders dignity and spoils to the former.

And all is fine?  You are good with this?

Pick a third world country with a dictator and military rule. Is violence warranted to take back their country? I think so.  I didnt say specifically these two meetings warrant violence but some protests do.

North Korea.  :imp: :smiley:

OK you have chosen a nameless Third World country and labelled the governing body as being as being authoritarian to illustrate your point.  Now we are to envision a heroic struggle between the villain and (super) hero?

Are all your story lines and plots this basic?  Is life and the problems the world faces that clear to you?

Provide specifics where violence and the subsequent transfer of rights result in the majority benefiting.  Plus argue that the rights of the majority outweigh the rights of others.

Yes my life is pretty black and white. Either you agree with me or you’re an asshole and I dont like you :smile:

There is a very clear case where violence was the only way to resolve issues with a ruthless dictatorship but mentions of said case are forbidden on this site :wink:

I’d come up with other examples but i have to pack for my 2 week work trip.

What?  There’s no ban on the mention of Pol Pot.  What are you talking about?  hehe.

You have the making of a good ruthless dictator.