Wrestlemania Fallout

Good to see Mr. Angle kick the shit out of Shawn Micheals. TAP TAP TAP…

Here is an interesting little remark.

Rick Flair:

– On Hulk Hogan:
I always said the difference between me and Hogan was I said yes and he said no. (Hogan wouldn’t put anybody over). I’ll concede the fact that Hogan was a bigger star than me. But in terms of overall product, he’d wrestle a five-minute match and be back at the hotel by 9. I’d wrestle for an hour … and I’d give it everything I had."

Wrestling is so 1995.

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haha i dunno few guys at work into the good ole wraslin so i been watching it a bit… glad to see that John Cena beat JBL… as well The Animal beat HHH ahh it was a good Wrestlemania

What stole the show at WrestleMania 21?

Guerrero vs. Mysterio
[tally] 51

6-Way Ladder Match
[tally] 303

Hulk Hogan’s Save
[tally] 459

HBK vs. Angle
[tally] 983

Undertaker vs. Orton
[tally] 275

Piper’s Pit w/Austin
[tally] 217

Cena’s Title Win
[tally] 161

Batista’s Title Win
[tally] 451

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When is CBC going to get their act together and put something on besides bullshit curling mens and womens , I am tired of waiting for those sick seagulls to tell me its lights out. Get Basketball on or if not for some sick reason put wrestling on . Enough of that Coronation Street which about two or three years behind and those four commercials that they keep putting on just
to piss you off. WWF or CBC crap? Who want to see Bob Barker at one in the morning? Angus made me write this.

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Wrestling is not the same without Stone Cold… :cry:

WWE seem to have gotten bad. they’ve been only hiring these “divas” and they fire and dont hire the good talented wrestlers. So i watch TNA, Aj Styles… WOOOOO!!!

Angle vs Shawn was the best match of WM21

I just happened to watch the last payperview Wrestlemania, and Stone Cold WAS there…

Wrestling Entertainment = Foldable Chair manufacturers’ main customer

  1. Into the trash can - In 1995, wrestling fans of yesteryear gasped as the tradition and pageantry of the WWF women’s title was liquidated by Debbie Miceli, a.k.a. Alundra Blaze. To the shock of Vince McMahon, Miceli showed up live on WCW Monday Nitro with the WWF Women’s Championship and threw it in a trash basket.

She then announced that she was reverting back to her original stage name of Madusa and tossed aside a valued belt that graced the waists of legends like Wendi Richter and the Fabulous Moolah. McMahon never wanted something like that to happen again. Just ask Bret Hart.

  1. Two Rick Rudes - The late great ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude will go down as the first man in wrestling history to appear on both RAW and Nitro on the same night. The November 1997 was taped in advance the week before. The very night RAW went to air, Rick showed up for a live Nitro and told the world what he thought of the WWF and what he thought of Vince McMahon’s recent treatment of Bret Hart.

  2. And I’m taking the belt with me - In 1991, the relationship Ric Flair had with WCW was faltering. He was entering uneasy contract negotiations, while WCW President Jim Herd wanted him to drop his title to Lex Luger and cut his hair to be re-defined at ‘Spartacus.’ Flair left WCW, and headed to the WWF.

WCW stripped him of the World Championship, but he still had his old NWA belt from the Crockett days when superstars put a deposit down on them. Flair took the championship to the WWF and named himself ‘The Real World’s Champion.’

  1. “He took his ball and went home” - What was first considered as an in-ring gimmick became a harsh reality when Steve Williams, also known as Stone Cold Steve Austin, walked out on a live broadcast of RAW in June of 2002.

Austin, who helped usher in a new age of Attitude, was simply unsatisfied with his place in the company and where it was headed. He would return to the company eight months later in a comeback match against Eric Bischoff.

  1. From Hulk to Hollywood - In 1993, the WWF was thrown into the national spotlight as federal prosecutors convinced a grand jury to indict owner Vince McMahon and accuse him of conspiring to dispense steroids to wrestlers between 1985 and 1991. They subpoenaed a parade of wrestlers, including Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) to answer the inquiries before a federal grand jury. It culminated in 1994, when the jury found McMahon and Titan Sports not guilty of the charges. Hogan’s testimony damaged his relationship with the WWF, and he later signed with WCW on June 11, 1994.

The Hulkster was the first of many WWF talents that looked for greener pastures in WCW. Hogan’s initial impression was so impressive that later on in the same year, another star from the WWF signed on, Randy Savage.

  1. WWE on Sunday, WCW on Monday - On Sept. 4, 1995 history was made in the Mall of America in Minnesota as WCW Nitro hit the airwaves for the first time. The most notable segment included a surprise appearance from Lex Luger who returned to WCW after a 3 1/2 year stint with the WWF. Luger showed up just one night after wrestling his last match for the WWF in Canada, and spoke negatively about his former employer.

  2. 1-2-3…Syxx…X-Pac - It was the night after WrestleMania XIV. With former WWF Champion Shawn Michaels out with a back injury, Hunter Hearst Helmsley named himself the leader and recruited one of his own - an old Kliq member by the name of Sean Waltman. The former 1-2-3 Kid/Syxx walked down the ramp crotch-slapping away. The ovation was thunderous, as it turned out to be the first of many WCW-to-WWF defections.

  3. Radical Changes - WCW had a great run locking up one WWF talent after another, but how about four at once?

On January 2000, WCW removed Vince Russo as head writer and rehired Kevin Sullivan. Those vocal about Russo’s removal included Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and Perry Saturn, who all demanded their releases. After WCW Souled Out went off the air, Benoit - who was WCW champion - dropped his belt and asked for his release. Benoit, Saturn, Guerrero, and Malenko then made contact with WWE about possibly coming into the company. Six nights later in Pittsburgh, Saturn, Benoit, Malenko, and Guerrero appeared ringside on RAW.

  1. Screwjob 1997 - The only thing that stopped this from becoming No. 1 was the simple fact that everyone knew in the days going into the 1997 Survivor Series that Bret Hart was leaving. Rumours had been rampant for weeks prior that Bret was going to WCW, as Vince McMahon had let Bret out of his contract due to financial reasons. Most fans expected Hart to lose the title to Michaels, but Vince McMahon wasn’t so sure. Fearing Hart would eave the WWF with the title belt in hand, he took matters into his own hands. When Michaels locked Hart into a sharpshooter, McMahon ordered Earl Hebner to end the match and award Michaels the title. Hart’s intentions were then made true, as the disgruntled superstar tore through the set and spelled ‘WCW’ in the air.

  2. The Outsiders - Little did the average fan know, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash made their final WWF appearances on May 19, 1996 at Madison Square Garden.

The Kliq were truly notorious and influential. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, Nash (Diesel), Hall (Razor Ramon), Triple H, and the 1-2-3 Kid. (X-Pac) made up The Kliq during the mid-90’s. This group was/is famous for causing havoc behind the scenes in the WWF. The now infamous ‘Kliq Hug’ took place in May 1996, as Nash and Hall made their last appearance with the WWF during a house show in Madison Square Garden. At the end of the night, Michaels, HHH, and the two departing members participated in the infamous hug in the centre of the ring.

The hug was momentous because it was a complete break of character (or Kayfabe) and thoroughly embarrassed WWF officials, including Vince McMahon. Somebody had to take the fall, but Nash and Hall were leaving for WCW and could not be punished. HBK was the champion and money ticket, so he was untouchable. This left Triple H as the fall guy. He had been scheduled to win King of the Ring that year, but instead it went to a midcarder named Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Just a week later, Hall made a huge surprise appearance on WCW TV, crashing a live episode of Nitro without actually saying he left the WWF. Just a couple of weeks later, Hall brought in Kevin Nash, and the two were known as the Outsiders. It was a cornerstone moment for WCW and the NWO. Every fan at the time really thought that WWF Superstars were invading WCW, and it wasn’t until a few weeks later that they both revealed that they were not sent in by Vince McMahon.

They fooled us good. Real good.

i watch wrestling when i was a kid, back when there was the ultamate warrior, bush wackers, hulk and mocho man, andre, i stop watchin it shortly after earthquake was introduced.

I remember hulk and mocho man being side kicks then macho man stole hulks woman, then became enemies

This has to one of the best ones…

The whole WWF should have walked out, well except Michaels and HHH, because they are shitheads.

By Brett Hart

This past week, I’ve been completing an upcoming TV special about a one-time NHLer who used to play for the Rochester Americans. I was riding in the production van when it pulled up at the Rochester War Memorial Auditorium and I was instantly struck by memories of many great matches I had there, many of them involving Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While storylines suggested Steve and I had an intense, bitter rivalry, we were always close friends who had a deep mutual respect.

I sat down on the front steps of the Rochester War Memorial and gave Steve a call.

Turns out, he has a part in the remake of The Longest Yard and was talking to me from the set in L.A. When I told him where I was calling from, he chuckled almost deviously and we enjoyed swapping old war stories.

I asked Steve if he has any plans to return to the ring and he said he’s been feeling it in his knees and neck lately. And he’s not sure if it’d be worth risking injuring himself at this point in his career. But never say never in wrestling.

We joked about whose knees are worse – mine or his – and recalled that when I needed to have knee surgery for real, we had a story angle in which Steve was all fired up after losing to me at Wrestlemania XIII. He viciously attacked my knee with a chair on Raw the next night in Binghamton, N.Y., so I could go home to have my knee taken care of.

We talked about the present state of the business and we both had similiar sentiments: Realism is severely lacking and, for me, it’s the realism I always loved about the business.

Our matches and interviews were never overly rehearsed and no script writer could have invented a Stone Cold or a Hitman match as well as Steve Williams and I did.

Wrestling shouldn’t be reduced to a formula written by someone else to be followed by wrestlers because then the result will never come across as genuine. Pro wrestling should be an art form so wrestlers can tell stories in the ring again.

Just before we got off the phone, Steve Austin invited me down to visit him in Texas to go wild boar hunting. Something tells me that will be quite a tale.

[quote=“Hi Timez”]Good to see Mr. Angle kick the shit out of Shawn Micheals. TAP TAP TAP…

Here is an interesting little remark.

Rick Flair:

– On Hulk Hogan:
I always said the difference between me and Hogan was I said yes and he said no. (Hogan wouldn’t put anybody over). I’ll concede the fact that Hogan was a bigger star than me. But in terms of overall product, he’d wrestle a five-minute match and be back at the hotel by 9. I’d wrestle for an hour … and I’d give it everything I had."[/quote]

Wrestking Sucks!.. Even real wresting is pretty gay
UFC is the only one worth watching. I mean WCW is so redeculously fake its not funny. Ok, ok, it is funny after a case of beer, but non the less its just a soap opera for guys who are too insecure to say they watch the regular sopa operas. Why do you think the Rock and the Hulk are in lots of movies? Because they are “actors”!

No shit Dick Tracy! What did you just crawl out from under your little rock?
Everyone know that it’s entertainment. And UFC SUCKS! Bunch of monkeys stalking each other like a stupid bar fight! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The only wrestling I look forward to is ECW, and there is an ECW PPV June 12th, so I’m stoked for that.

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