World Cup Bragging Rights

This message is now buried in another thread so I moved it here.  To be clear, the league is free so bragging rights is all you win.  There is even a cheat sheet for people like me who figure Brazil will win because Pele is the best damn soccer player in the world.  The more the merrier.

Yahoo Fantasy League for the World Cup. … join-group

You will need a Yahoo ID if you don’t already have one.

Go to Join Group

The league ID is 32007 and the password is htmf

The rules are simple.  Predict the winner of each game.  Bonus points are awarded for guessing the correct score.

Direct link is … roup/32007

So you don’t have to keep trying to sign up to go back.

Well, the first match is over, and I’m already in last place! … roup/32007
(The league ID is 32007 and the password is htmf)

Also, is showing the tournament over the web, and they’re decent quality!

Man South Africa was so close to taking the win, that goal post shot would have sent the crowd  even more nuts than they were already.

Great second half, the first was a little tentative and mistake prone, but both teams put on a great final 45 plus minutes.

on to the next match, lets go Uruguay!!! :imp:

Man…  Forlan is having a renaissance.  I hope Uruguay goes far. 

I know all the Irish are cheering for any team taking on France.  But right now they’re dominating the Uruguay side.  Dunno what’s happened to their defensive posture since qualification, weird.

Viva Uruguay, well they probably were outplayed for a fair amount of the match, but considering they played a man down for ten minutes at the end, they did pretty good I thought.

After one day of football, it’s all the same result, no winners, no favourite in the group.

Cmon’ Mexico, time to dash those Gallic dreams! :imp: 

Still time to join the league linked at the top of the page.  The standings that Mig showed did not change after the second match so whoever joins now has the small disadvantage of trying to catch me who is accurately named I Know Nothing. 

Spain shall win the World Cup.

From the New York Times, World Cup miscellany:

First two games were ok today, didn’t expect much from Greece and well they delivered that, the Koreans looked well in control of the first match (or at least the last twenty minutes of which I saw I guess)

The second one was interesting, I imagine that Nigeria’s defence must keep their coach up late at nights, sheesh no ability to clear the ball beyond the penalty zone. Offensively they looked good, more than a few good chances to score just missed a couple of them.

Argentina looked a little discombobulated in the second half, they had a good first but Nigeria seemed to be coming on in the second.

Mr. Messi seems to have a serious case of performance anxiety on this world stage, I lost count of the clear chances he had and fired high, wide or bounced the ball off a defender, be interesting to see if he can adjust to the pressure as the tournament moves forward, Argentina was fortunate to keep the 1-0 lead, a few bounces the right way and it would have been a very different and panic inducing decision.

I think a more disciplined team would have shredded Argentina to bits.  5 Center-forwards on the field at one time, 3 strikers.  Messi taking corners.  No defensive midfield, and 3 defenders at the back.  Maradona is nuts.

The fact that Nigeria was obsessing over Messi (4 defenders on him at one point!) meant that they didn’t have the manpower for quick counter-attacks.  But any team with players that have faced Messi before will kick the crap out of Argentina.

Great match today!  Serbia lost the match as much as Ghana won it!  Great to see the two Wigan Athletic keepers on opposite sides of the pitch!  

Not to late to join dwhite’s pool: … join-group
The league ID is 32007 and the password is htmf

and then … roup/32007

to check your picks and edit them.

I see SecretWorldCupfan has overtaken me to be in third place – I had Serbia picked for this morning’s match.

Interesting to see the British tabloids already starting to feel a little tight around the neck and highlighting the goat of the day… … le1602368/

That being said, he did fumble away England’s chance for victory, something that may come back to haunt them later on in the group stage.

I dunno, but secretworldcupfan is playing the not knowing much about football card pretty good here, I smell a ringer in the crowd by tournaments end! :smiley:  

You might be right about Maradonna there Mig, he does have some unusual habits, even beyond the pitch… … sow,247812

The media attention that Maradonna gets might be a good thing for his team.  They’re the ones on the field so they can concentrate on the game.

Messi gets a heck of a lot more press than Maradona. 

The best thing Maradona could have done (too late) is decide on a team and then train and play as a team.  Instead, he called up all kinds of players, mixing and matching,  juggling them and even surprising some players who were called up.

Take a look at the list of “recent callups”: … tball_team


So the current team hasn’t really played together as a team.

Some could say  that it is a different strategy.  Lots of “call-ups” for sure but maybe he was looking for the right combination.  The players that beat Germany  1-0 on  March 3rd are all on the squad so they have played at least one game together against a serious opponent. (They also beat Canada 5-0 :angry:)

When Maradona played, he didn’t follow what others did.  Would you expect him to change that as a coach?  He’s got lots of thing to prove as a coach but he had lots of things to prove as a player.  Imagine, a 5’4"  pro soccer player raised in a slum, making it to the top of the world and scoring the goal of the century.  Don’t you think he was told many times that he was too small, too slow, too weak?

Sure, he became quite a character after his rise to fame.  But he isn’t the first and will not be the last.  He is now 50 and maybe his many experience have made him wiser. 

So here’s an interesting development, World Cup organizers are giving some thought to banning the South African fans from blowing their vuvuzelas!

Not surprisingly one of the whiniest countries is… wait for it… France.

They are blaming the vuvuzela blowers for their near death experience at the hand of Uruguay.

Ah poor babies, they apparently couldn’t sleep the night before…

Is it too late for them to go home and let Ireland take it’s rightful place in the tournament? :smiley: … story.html

I dunno, they’re playing in South Africa’s stadiums,  let them celebrate as they will ! 

Well, I guess the French players could cover their ears with their hands … but then how would they score goals?

Oh, and I’m totally revising my thoughts on Germany.  Without Ballack, they’re even better.  I had them as winning 3-0 today, but they had to go and screw up my point in the pool by scoring another goal!


You should write another song for South Park " Blame France!".   The Irish always want to compete with England so they needed their own hand of god to explain why they can’t win.

I for one, think the darn trumpet thing is annoying.  The background noise on TV is aweful.  I can just imagine what it is like on the field when players are trying to communicate with each other.  

Coaches were already complaining during the Confederations Cup last year.  An article in the Guardian last year already discussed the problem: ( … p-vuvuzela)

The argument about this being part of the South Africa soccer culture, is flawed because it is relatively new (see for a south african view of this thing).  

No wonder the stadiums have a lot of empty seats.  Who wants to lose their hearing while watching soccer?

I’m sorry, did you say something? I couldn’t hear you over the vuvuzelas! :imp: