Wolves out at Ridley

This afternoon a gentleman nearly lost his two dogs to wolves.  Two large wolves came running out from the trees near the security check point and went after his dogs.  Luckily, the dogs came out of the bush about 5 minutes later and both were unhurt.

This was daytime and right in front of the grain terminal.  Don’t assume your dogs are safe off their leashs out in the open near the terminal. 

This is like Rupert’s version of the return of the swallows to Capistrano.

We know it’s spring when the wolves come out to stalk our unsuspecting pets…

Yep - it was about this time of year a couple of years ago when we took our dogs for a walk on the Butze Rapids trail and saw a wolf.  The dogs were off leash (and yes, we had read the sign that warned about wolves in the area - we didn’t listen) and we came around a corner and there was the wolf on the trail.  Our dogs are small - and stupid - the older one started racing up to the wolf and barking like a madman, so the wolf immediately went into ears back and growling.  I managed to grab both dogs and crouched down while my husband let off a couple of bear bangers (man we were stupid that day, but smart enough to bring the bear bangers LOL) and the wolf took off into the bush. 

Needless to say we learned our lesson there - I just hope nobody loses their dog(s) during this time.  Be aware! :smile:

Yeah, pretty crazy, there are lots of requests for some sort of “Alert” to be put on the Prince Rupert website.

I just think that’s weird though :neutral_face:

I think they should them take off Ridley and re-locate back into town where they belong. :imp:

The wolves claim we are hoarding all their deer and until we send them off the island they will continue skulking around the city.

Haha, yeah, and the ‘alert’ would have be up there year round - and I bet in no time things like deer, porcupines, heck - even feral cats would soon have people petitioning to have them added to the list. 

“Seen a deer today?  Call the city!  Put it on the website!”

Please do not feed them whatever you do, you may get a fine…lol

even if you try n relocate them they will always come back.

my father was doing a wolf survey a few years ago he knows how to tack them he had traveled with a sail boat up and down the coast.

no matter where you try n relocate them they will come back.

The animals are just trying to re-claim what is rightfully theirs.  :smiley:

  Are they swimming up and down our coastline now ?  :confused:

yes they use a very similar style to the dog paddle its the wolf paddle quite tiresome actually

they know there is a good food source here in Rupert and surounding area s they will come back

we may not be feeding them our selves but with our pets being out unleased and running of on there own the wolves know they are easy prey my bro had seen a wolf on 11th a few weeks ago and this was in the day time so they are coming around it had been a tough long winter I would imagine all this snow we have been getting would bring them to the city more.

I saw one today for the very first time!!!  It was very far away.  I was driving to Terrace today, and on the lake, (on the ice) there was a wolf in the distance. (I don’t know which lake it was, but it was just past Port Ed.) VERY COOL!  I was excited to see it, and very thankful I had a very observant passenger who had seen it and pointed it out to me. :smiley:

The wolf was probably standing there wondering why so many people were leaving Rupert.

I’ve recently met people who have just moved to PR.

The sound of howling wolves is quite eerie.

I’d call the wolf howl mournful, even beautiful. The coyote is the one with the eerie howl. Howling starts at 1:30:

Which animal is it again that has the irreverent howl?