Will Petronas pull the plug in March 2016? Was Grant's prediction true?


Shell DUMPS Canadian shale assets…

Newsflash my friends…Shell Canada is gone too!




Wishful thinking on your part. You have no idea what Tourmaline is going to do, nor do you know that the site in Kitimat is part of the deal. http://www.lngworldnews.com/shell-nets-1-bln-through-canadian-shale-divestment/



Hi Gracies_mom…Actually, I do know…

Russia’s major oil, gas and gold deals in Asia challenge the West


Russia is busy as a bee gathering up energy contracts, growing their market share…BC LNG is dead…

British Columbia economically cannot compete with other jurisdictions on cost of production…

Math is really difficult for some…




Actually you do not know. You’re just a blogger, plus we can all Google. Have a nice day.



Do you google yourself alone, or with a friend? It’s always more pleasant googling with a friend…




Oh FFS just admit you’re prediction was wrong already.
For someone who supposedly knows so much you missed the point that as long as Petronas does not admit they’re abandoning the project, they can use the mere BC LNG proposal as a bargaining hammer and get better deals from everywhere else. Every approval they get here gives them more leverage, a win/win situation for them regardless if it gets built or not.



Well well well…Consider yourselves privileged…You all read it first at The Straight Goods…

Read the below BIV article(Business in Vancouver

But “inertia,” not “momentum,” is perhaps a more accurate way to describe B.C.’s LNG industry.

Canada missed the first wave of opportunities to build new LNG projects, and thanks to a sudden oversupply from Australia, and lower than expected global demand, it will now have to wait for the next one – which is now projected to occur between 2025 and 2030.

Because it takes four to five years to build a large LNG project and associated pipelines, that means no company is likely to make an FID on a major new greenfield LNG project anywhere in the world until 2019 at the earliest, according to David Ledesma, a British natural gas and LNG consultant and fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

“Will they take [an FID] for Canada? Maybe they will,” Ledesma told Business in Vancouver. “But you won’t see LNG out of Canada by 2020. You might by 2025. I think you will by 2030.”

Carlos Murillo, an economist who recently analyzed the natural gas market for the Conference Board of Canada, agrees.

Real experts report the facts before the horse left the barn…

The Straight Goods…The real LNG expert…




More bad LNG news…no FIDs til 2030



“Will Petronas pull the plug in March 2016? Was Grant’s prediction true?” No it wasn’t and they still haven’t pulled the plug and its October 25th. You were wrong, end of story. Until we hear officially that there will NEVER be LNG in BC you can post all the links you want.






China has so much domestic power it is looking to sell to neighbours…


BC LNG isw dead…Petronas isn’t building anything…You delusionists in Prince Rupert keep saying…The long game, 30 year outlooks, future demand, the glut will end in 2021…Well, if that was the case why ain’t nothing getting built?

Petronas is so broke they are ending their Formula One sponsorship…

Rich Coleman and Christy Clark…effing losers and liars…Prince Rupert loves those BC Liberals, …like getting chained and whipped too?



Well I’m a realist and think lng is a long way off , it’s also time for someone to shut this Grant G goof up , I’ll admit I’m getting tired of listening to this guy put Prince Rupert down.



We know you hate the Liberals and don’t give a rats ass about Prince Rupert, but do tell what a great party the NDP are. The NDP are a party only good for complaining and promising to spend a shit load of money. But lets get back to you forecasting that Petronas would pull the plug in March 2016, YOU WERE WRONG. WRONG !!! WRONG !!! WRONG !!!



We’ve elected NDP MLAs for 3 terms of office. Our last Liberal MLA was Bill Belsey who ran from 2001-2005.



Scientific fraud, must be talking LNG.


That Woodfibre announcement…What a poorly acted out election 2017 stageplay

Have a nice day everyone



You too! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

Also Mr. Kristoff wanted to say hi to you.



LOL told you he would say something like that LOL wait is Grant G really Donald Trump? LOL

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Can we be like Australia too…


Woodfibe “a one-off”


Happy Cushing Oklahoma Day everyone…

frackaroony or what



Well gee whiz your little party supports Woodfibre LNG in Squamish.

I am pleased to hear that Woodfibre LNG has announced they intend to move forward. They’ve still got an uphill battle to make sure that they meet the very stringent environmental conditions put forward in their partnership with the Squamish First Nation, but the proponents have respectfully engaged with First Nations, will provide job training and good, family-supporting jobs to local people, and will proceed in a way that minimizes climate changing emissions at the plant.
“For all of these reasons, B.C.’s New Democrats are supportive of Woodfibre LNG and the jobs and economic activity it will bring to our province

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Oh no! Japan doesn’t want B.C. lng!
Japan Lawmakers Moot $6.7 Billion Russia Gas Pipe to Greet Putin - Bloomberg



I think we have more to worry about than Japan not wanting BC LNG. Trump is going to be pumping more energy projects in the US. Say hello to more oil and gas pipelines and coal extraction. Alberta will be happy that the Keystone oil pipeline will probably be going ahead. Oh and he is going to remove regulations. Say hello also to tariffs on containers crossing the border.