Why We Hate Microsoft

Does Microsoft Suck?

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I hate Microsoft becuase I am permanently banned from the chat.msn.com service, becuase my O key didn’t work. Spell account without the “o” and see how long the bots and actual admins let you stay. How dumb is that? I even explained it to them, and it was clear that my “o” key did not work becuase there were no "o"s in any of my sentences.

I also hate Microsoft becuase it was next to impossible to delete my hotmail account. It took my hours to figure out that you need to go to msn.com, log in, go into chat, click help, and then look for the acocunt de-activation thing. Then click on the link becuase it is a hotmail.com address, so the .net guys can’t erase that. Then you go to that site, click ok and your done. That easy, not.

Oh, “windows protection errors” also suck.

Look, a new way to spell “account” and get banned for it by MSN hosts. My bad.

I’m starting to think that its quite possible that Microsoft is putting security holes in some of their products on purpose. If they wanted to create a backdoor, this would be the perfect way to do it. This way they could digusise it as an accident. Who knows… I’m probly wrong but there are way too many just to be accidents all the time.


Yeah, I know Microsoft is such “accunt.” Hahaha, oh boy am I funny.

microsoft? whats microsoft?

I don’t hate Microsoft.

I love Microsoft Office, especially Excel. I think Excel won the spreadsheet battle because it was BETTER than Lotus.

I do think Windows is crap at first, but it eventually gets better after they get the crap out of it. Windows 2000 is pretty useable now. Windows XP will be great in a couple of years too.

But windows will always be for the mainstream people, not for the power users and geeks. They get pretty sick of microsoft always doing stuff the wrong way.

Man, I was watching TechTV today, they showed the new version of OSX (I think Jaguar). I’m impressed, next time I go computer shopping I’m seriously going to consider a Mac. You can zoom in on anything with the new OS, the colours look increadible, and the UI is sweet.

I hate the microsoft corporation and they way they run their buisness ripping off other companies ideas, lawsuits against companys like lindows for ripping off their name apparently window manager and windowing system are terms owned by microsoft. BASTARDS

that is my rant. as for mac hate the imac and the only other ones were whatever i used in elementry school which i think were the first apple computers before the macintosh came out. and perhaps the first line of macintosh computers.

I don’t want to buy a Mac, but I love using them when other people buy them.

rgr that man
fuck give a round of appleause for me

Iceman posts at 3:52 am? What the is it?

Dude, my computer thinks its 3:45, WTF…


another microsoft service that sucks?

Well i dunno… Apparently your posting in the future… Maybe the HTMF clock is off.

Set your time zone in your account profile.

HTMF has been 10 mins fast since this site went back online.

Do I have to reset the flux capacitor AGAIN?

heh heh snort

Excel is sweet… I’ve made good use out of the SQL client (ODBC or whatever it is).

Word is okay, but too bloated. But Excel I couldn’t miss.

Windows 2000 SP3 is my favorite Windows. But I’d rather use Linux.

Every try and change a driver for something under XP? What a pain in the ass… I’ll never use anything that autoloads anything for me without some way of turning it off.

i like the auto loading feature on xp yesterday however that is only because it worked and i didnt have to do anything besides plug the devices in. but i can see how that would be a pain in the ass. As much as i hate to say it my favorite version of windows is 98 se with all the service packs and stuff 2000 and xp are too bloated for my liking and im actually a fan of open office and well my dad uses it now too its faster simpler and free. not that office xp isnt free :wink: