Why is it women have to be involved in everything?

It seems women have to be involved in everything…

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I mean come on guys cant even have a private club only for men? what the hell… what about all those womens only gyms, arn’t those against our human rights if this place is? Hell this place is less against our human rights than those gym’s women have their own club within it. Gotta love those double standards.

shit when i get old i am sure i will need time away from the nagging wife and having a private club to get away would be great.

You can only have private clubs and organizations for those who were publicly disenfranchised in the past, a la women, certain races, slaves etc etc etc.

That’s why there are all women health clubs, and the All Native Tournament.

Having all male clubs, or an “All Caucasian Tournament” seem to piss people off more, and would be easy to have lawsuits against.

I somewhat understand it, but you have to admit it is a double standard in a way. I can totally understand a man’s frustration regrading women’s groups etc.
In my hometown there was a men’s support group for spousal abuse, haha.

Spousal abuse is no laughing matter.

it’s not funny that men support eachother for getting abused by women? HAHAH yeah it’s not funny alright, it’s too funny

I guess you also think its funny when women come together to support each other after being abused by men, then.

not at all… i just never knew men could be such sissys

And again with the double standards. A woman abused by a man is a victim. A man abused by a woman is a sissy.

Getting kicked in the groin and crying is being a sissy ?
For another example of woman abusing man watch Eurotrip
Theres also the mind game abusing…some of us dont like that

I can list other things at the moment but I feel like getting back to my spaceballs movie.

May the schwartz be with you!

Ever heard of Butch woman and ssmall skinny guys? yeah hes a real sissy to begin with, but he cant stop from being beat, and when a woman has a baseball bat and the man has nothing, i guess he is a sissy because he wont carry a gun with him.
Anyways. I think that the women should just shut the fuck up and open a women only golf club. Wouldnt that be just as easy? oh wait… they like to argue and put up a fight because they can.
Should have never let parliament get fucked over back in the day.
Free the slaves, and enslave the free.

Reverse sexism/racism is a great way to stop racism/sexism. Why cant they go join a different club? oh right cuz they didnt get their way so in typical womens fashion they bitch till they get what they want.

this mixed sex thing has always been around. I remember being kicked out of cub scouts for eating brownies…

How long ago did they switch from Boy Scouts to Scouts Canada?

The real question here is, “Can they tie a reef knot?”

if you could tie it in a reef knot you’d be way better than a ‘sixer’

I was a sixer. 8)

so was I. when i was eleven 8) 8)

11, 10, same thing.

i was a crypt in grade 12.


the pharmacist’s son was in my troop. he packed a 5 lb bag of saltpeter&sugar mix to camp. They came to give us our fire-lighting badge test and he just flicked a match into his firepit.
The whole forest lit up bright as day but the wet tree branches held all the smoke down. When everyone stopped coughing and you could see again, a 2 foot thick log beside the pit was burning. He didn’t get a badge.
Next morning he cooked up a frying pan full of little frogs. His mom & dad came and got him. I think he took the ‘special’ bus to school after that…