Who's Got Gasoline? (inlander on fire)

I heard the Inlander was finally on fire?  :astonished:

The big fire truck which hardly ever gets used in on scene road looks like it too is being blocked off. Hope it burns to the ground but no one gets hurt.

Eyesore the landlord is such a slum lord

are you serious ? where is the rodent population gonna live now?at least there will be more parking at the longshore hall now

can some one get some photos and post?

i gotta pick up my wife at 5 ill take pics then if its true

Have a call out to the Fire Department for preliminary information, and will be updating www.thenorthernview.com once I hear back. In the mean time…

wonder how quick they got rid of all the rental cars there?well i hope no one was in it and they finally get rid of that eyesore

I’d just like to point out that now a bunch of not-so-well-off people are probably going to be homeless.  But like you said hopefully you don’t have to look at it anymore. 

i understand the homeless situation and dont want anyone to be homeless . that building has been been unsafe for years . they can move into all the empty schools that are gonna sit empry for years and just get unsafe in the meantime.yes it is a sad situation. dont know how many people still live there but there is space in town i am sure

I was coming over for the all-native, now where the hell am I going to stay?

On the 6pm news Ron Milller said there are only 9 people that live there. They are all safe and the fire was extinguished fairly quickly. The entire buiding has extreme smoke damage. Im sure the Salvation Army will put them up somewhere. No one was hurt but yes, the building being on fire is doing everyone a favor as it is very unsafe. There is mildew up all the walls inside, and yes, I have seen it for myself. It is unhealthy for anyone to live there. Best thing that could have happened to the building.

Ron Miller said there were only nine people who live there, word is there is some rule or order that 5 or 6 people are allowed to live there, bu8t I will say this is not what is happening or was happening. I have seen so many individual going in and out, there is much couch surfing which goes on and floor flopping. Everybody plays the system and many people who are supposed to be in charge are just happy to put some number down so they may cover their asses. Lets get real for a change and admit the problems we are facing go so far beyond a piece of paper.

This is a real tragedy.  I hope the people who have lost their apartments find shelter soon.

That sure is mean.

This building is beyond an eyesore.  It’s downright disgusting.  It’s truly a liability just waiting to happen.

I have to admit, my thought when I initially saw the smoke was “I hope nobody gets hurt but I hope the friggen place burns to the ground.”  Honestly. 

There are other shacks in town aren’t there?


“Won’t somebody please think of the chairman?!”

Not too worry, he is terrorizing Terrace folk now  :imp:

Eccentric have you met the landlord? I have know him personally and I think I can post that type of stuff in here … it is my personal opinion.  Do you have personal opnions on subjects? I totally feel for the people that are displaced don’t get me wrong, but really there is mould climbing up the walls, infestations one of many which are rats.  Really if you were a nice landlord … would you allow this type of stuff on your property?