Who's Got Gasoline? (inlander on fire)

Update based on information from Prince Rupert Fire Rescue:

Some 16 members of the Prince Rupert Fire Department responded to a fire at the Inlander Hotel at 2:40 p.m. on February 4, where they discovered smoke billowing from the building and a fire blazing on the bottom floor at the rear of the building.

The firefighters evacuated all occupants from the building and began to battle the blaze. The flames were quickly extinguished and, while the fire was contained to the bottom floor of the building, heavy smoke damage was found throughout the building. There is, however, no estimate of damage at this time.

bclocalnews.com/bc_north/the … 12739.html

update us when they officially close it down and the whole town will go down with hammers and gas masks to knock it down.

First, and foremost, I feel sorry for those that had to relocate, however as far as the so called landlord goes, that freakin crook should be forced to live there for like 6 months, and experience what his tenants that paid to live there, had to go through. Yes I can say this, as I too had made the mistake of renting a house from him, cold run down, in major need of repair, and a landlord that does absolutely NOTHING, for his tenants, other than to look for money. The city should also take some blame as well, for not following through with making him take proper care of his dwelling. The owner is supposedely a professional contractor in this lil city of rainbows, that could seemingly care less for those that help to line his pockets. Maybe the city should take a long hard look at landlords in Rupert, and stiffen regulations, so tenants can live a little easier in these times of growing despair. Simply put, landlords should be held more accountable to both their tenants, and also to the city. This man is not worthy of maintaining his properties, nor is he a worthy landlord. Thank god that no one was injured in this ordeal.

contractor he lays carpet . is that considered being a contractor not sure?

With only six paying tenants in a building that size, you wouldn’t think that the rent would pay for the overhead! Sounds like it had a working fire alarm, and the building was heated, and I assume the owner was paying taxes. Hard to believe he was making a fortune off this property, while taking a lot of flak from the public and the city. Just my idle thought.