Who owns the nissan?

Who owns this nissan?  princerumour.ca/2009/08/nissan-3 … ighway-16/


Even worse than the photo I saw this morning of a Beemer that got stuck in a channel of wet cement. Why do people insist on driving into spots where it’s clear construction is going on???

Scott Dawes… apparently had it for 3 weeks, and went off the road due to water pooling.

oh man that sucks big time, I know Scott, he’s a really nice guy, that’s really too bad

  Is that Scott who owns the delivery service ?  If so, I hope he is OK and yep, he is a nice guy and a hard worker too, delivers to my workplace…Too bad about the new wheels…

Ya its Scott the delivery guy. According to his facebook page he hydroplaned. doh. Good guy for sure.

Scott Dawes, 2006 Nissan, had it for 2 1/2 weeks.
someone figured he was doing around 150kl. but only knows :smile:. He’s okay, and to what i understand has a sore neck, very lucky not to have gone into the skeena…

A hundred and fifty and all he did was rip the muffler and front bumper off??
That takes a bit of imagination!

Like the Prince Rumor site!  :smile:

I’ve talked to Scott and he definitely wasn’t doing “150 km/h”.  He hydroplaned thru a large puddle on the highway.  He wasn’t driving like a fool, he’s got alot more sense than that.

We stopped and looked at the car – there were a bunch of other cars that stopped as well.  Not enough damage to be 150km/hour.  Just looked like a case of hydroplaning.  The brush on the side of the road ripped the exhaust off, and the front passenger side of the car was a bit banged up. 

He wasn’t going fast enough for the airbag to deploy.  You could see where he went off the road (I think you can see it on the prince rumours site), and it wasn’t very far from where the car stopped (maybe 4 or 5 metres).  Definitely not speeding, in my opinion.

Just bad luck.  There was a lot of water on the road.  Hope he wasn’t hurt.

The air bag will not go off unless there is a sudden front end collision. It would be more appropriate to say that there wasn’t enough front end damage to cause the air bag to go off. Sorry Mig… Had to say this. I have seen a lot of vehicle damage in my previous work and there is alway a misconception that the air bag goes off due to speed. There are many variables that set these off and speed is just one of them.

No need to apologize for the correction.

I went off the highway doing about 110 km/h about 10 years ago.  Into a big snow bank.  Lots of damage, and the car was a write-off.  The airbags didn’t go off then either, because it wasn’t a front-end collision.  Sorta spun into the snowbank.  It hurt for a few days.

Luckily it was my mother’s car – I had borrowed it for a cross-province trip during a Christmas visit to Newfoundland :wink:

So what determines when an airbag goes off?  Is there an inertial sensor somewhere?

For the front air bags there are one or more in the front usually by the rad support that a centralized computer (usually under the drivers seat) gets its information. I think it is best described here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbag . Pretty amazing how fast these things have to work.

Y ah… I wrote off my mom’s car too. Snow was the factor but back then air bags where not quite out yet. The weirdest part of the accident that I remember is how slow it happens in your mind and you can’t do anything to stop it. You are there for the ride!!!

I saw that car yesterday too, on my way to Terrace.  I hydroplaned several times on the way there, and seeing that car slowed me WAY down.

Yeah, Scott is a lot more responsible than that and it is too bad that we have to turn every darn event into a friggin rumour.  Anyone that has hydroplaned knows it doesn’t take great speeds but it sure as hell can be dangerous, obviously…And scary  !!

I found out that yea, no, he definitely wasn’t doing 150, I cant really see someone like Scott, doing anything like that. but, like everyone does say, Rupert Rumors  :neutral_face: Glad that he is okay, I know I was heading to terrace when I was at the accident area, and I ended up slowing down to 65…Right now it is horrible pooling on that highway and it is stupid…dunno what could be done…

Drain the pool.

I came home from holidays on Friday night and the roads were very slick, it took me a little longer to get home as the wheels kept on grabbing … I was thinking Hyrdoplaning!

Just wondering, are these sections of highway that have been recently resurfaced, or are they on older sections of the highway.

There seem to be more incidents of slick roads and near misses with hydroplaning this summer than in the past and the only common denominator might be the recent construction and repaving work on the road between here and Terrace.

I was coming home from Terrace the other day when I saw this car. The roads were pretty bad, and I kept getting pulled in from all the water on the road.