Who is going for Canucks?

Will everyone honk around everytime the Nucks win? That was back when they made the finals be4.

Ah it’s too early for me to jump on that bandwagon!  Let’s see what happens first :wink:

I’m on the bandwagon.  People around here expect me to be a Habs’ fan but I only cheer for them when they play Toronto.

Go Canucks!

If the Sedins show up and produce . . .







Not sure that they can win the Cup but they should go past round one and maybe even round two.

In the end I see the Bruins and the Sharks battling it out for Lord Stanley’s Mug :smiley:

I haven’t watch enough hockey this year to make sound predictions. 
But what the heck, I’ll make one anyway:
The winner of Philadelphia/Pittsburg  will be in the cup final.  The winner of Canucks/Blues will be the other finalist.  The latter will win the cup.

My reasons:  The Pens made it last year and the roster is very similar this year.
The Flyers have good scorers on all the forward lines.
The Canucks had a good season and no one expects them to win except their fans.
The Blues were 22-8-6 in since the All Star Break. I think it’s the best record in the league since the break.

I hope the Canucks will go further then the Habs will and if not shit they had a good season, but like Mig says it is too early to call.

We can only hope  :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


First win of the playoffs.

you guys are wangs, calgary is the money mellon…

I keep bugging my gran by telling her



hehehe, all in good sport though. I’m happy they won the first game!

I just can’t see the Vancouver Curseucks making it past the 2nd round, but if a possible stanley cup run helps you sleep at night, then by all means keep dreaming.

Bruins will be the eastern finalists, that’s a given. Their only real competition is the capitals or the choke-artist penguins. Devils were in too much of a slump at the end of the season to even be worth a mention anymore (sorry Brodeur).

Western conference will be a very tough one to call. The Western Conference finalists will be Sharks vs. Red Wings, but Chris Osgood’s inconsistency this year may be the death of Detroit’s run although they have a great forward scoring line.

Stanley cup finals: Sharks vs. Bruins. Sharks may have secured the cup with the winning of the presidents trophy, which guarantees home ice advantage on 4/7 games in each round. They tallied up 32-5-4 on games played in San Jose, which shows they just can’t lose at home.

But as most people say its way too early to tell, we still have alot of hockey ahead of us. Plus these days anything goes in the playoffs, so game on and go puck yourself! :sunglasses:

Lord Stanley Lord Stanley…

Pour me the Brandy.  :wink:

I cheer for my team…but I just hope a Canadian Team wins…We need the Cup back in Canada.

Cursenucks?? That doesn’t even come close to working, dude/dudette! It’s supposed to sound like the real name, i.e., “Cannots.,” “Makebeliefs,” etc.

I just can’t see the Vancouver Curseucks making it past the 2nd round, [/quote]

HAHA…WEAK! :confused:!

wooo!!! get the brooms go canucks lol

I’m rooting for the Canucks, however my grandson, Boston, seems to have made another choice…

hahaha good choice!!

That’s 2 lil dudes I know with the name Boston now.  I like.

We’ll need to add another section to the bandwagon.

If you wern’t going for the canucks from the beginning, Then i don’t think your really a canuck fan at all.