Where is this?

Well, since I got bumped by MiG and whoever won the last one didn’t post anything in a week, I decided to post this one.

It should be fairly easy.

I want the place name and the reason I put it here.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Is there a BIG election coming here soon ???


Does it snow there in the winter

Is it a sport facility?

Does a Queen run the country



Does a Queen run the country[/quote]



Sorry for not answering. I was away.
I’ll be around for an  hour or so right now.

Is it the two blue dots we are trying to find

Well, I didn’t have time to edit them.  Lets just say that the blue dots are on a building/complex and that’s what I’m looking for.

I won’t count this as a question.

still 16

It’s kinda odd that my previous comment got removed by some kind of slight of hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, when asking: “Does a Queen run the country” do you mean by that "Is a Queen the head of State?

Don’t blame me for that because I wasn’t around. 

That’s what I mean.  I could have been picky and say no because technically, the queen doesn’t really run that country and is the head of state but I assumed that Bandit’s intent was to ask if that country had a queen as in a monarch.  That’s why I said yes. Bandit can correct me if I’m wrong in this assumption.
I won’t count this one either since it’s a clarification

16 to go.

Mmmmmm!!   I wonder who that could have been?

Is it north of the 49th parallel?

Thats what I meant  thanks

What was the comment  WhatTheHack

It’s in the wasteland.  I replied to it in the wasteland. 

And is there a reason why there was no clue to start the game lol

Is it north of the 49th parallel?

Direct geographical question.  I can’t answer it.

Bandit,  clues are optional.  I may give one soon.  I find that most challenges where clues are given are solved before question 10.  Remember that this is a 20 question game.

Ok thanks for the info

Was there a earthquake there today