Where is this? #7

The house the red arrow is pointing at is where a person lived who claimed to have made an invention that I am sure everybody has used for more or less time in their lives.  Although there is  some controversy over whether this person actually made the invention the copyright was secured under that name and made this person wealthy.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Is this in a country that will have an election in the fall to replace a two-term president?

Is it a copyright or patent ???


Patent would be the more appropriate term.

Is the person in question connected to the invention of the telephone?

Does it have a NFL team NHL team and 2 major baseball teams

is it Al Gores home in Belle Meade area of Nashville Tennessee

Does the container train from here go directly to this state

No. 17 left

NFL - Yes. NHL - Yes. 2 major baseball - NO. I count this as 3 questions. 14 left.

No. 13 left.

No, not to my knowledge. 12 left.

Is it Beinn Bhreagh ? A.G. Bells house???

and read the answer to one of the previous questions.

Is this invention a consumable product? ( like food or medecine…)

No, it’s not consumable.

I’ll go past Wee-smack’s question. That will leave 11 questions left.

What the hack:  Rochester has an NFL and NHL team?

Instead of wasting a question to confirm a specific location, look it up on Google Earth and find it for yourself. 

Are spicy hot chicken wings named after this city?

No fighting guys, it’s just a game!

A game?  No, it’s THE Game!

Buffalo Chicken Wings? No, but you can get some really good ones in a city on the atlantic coast. There is a famous street take-out.

Is Nikola Tesla involved in anyway in this particular invention?

Was the Patent given out in the last 50 years

No, and I don’t know what street, place or avenue he lived on.

9 left