Where is this? #7

“everybody has used for more or less time in their lives.”

Can you explain this sentence more fully?


8 questions left. You’ll soon be bankrupt.

jees…maybe you should be a bit generous and give us a small hint

Yes / no questions only.

Anyway, it’s Charles Darrow’s house in Philadelphia.  She’s been giving us Monopoly hints all along :wink: Go back and re-read her answers, and you’ll see that they were all references to Monopoly!


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

But Philly does have a baseball team

Does it have two MLB teams?  I dunno anything about baseball. 

Anyway, this was a very good one, Jees.  The hints were awesome.

There were lots:

Refers to Altlantic City, New Jersey, the city the game was played first and all the street names in the Monopoly game are taken from ( take-out) that city.

You’ll go bankrupt losing Monopoly.

And the most important hint: