Where is this - 41?


One hint - the object in question is the mountain in the centre left background - and both the mountain and the water have geographical significance.

Does the country of this location have Red and White stripes, and stars on blue?

No - I assume you mean on their flag - 19.

Does the river act as a border?

No - 18 (another hint - there is no river in the photo)

Is this mountain and lake in a country that has a maple leaf on it’s flag?

Yes - 17.

Two questions. Don’t answer the second one if the answer to the first is no.

  1. Is one of the body of water we see salty or at least tidal?

  2. Does the complete name of one of the body of water visible fit in the following blank?

_ _ _ _ _ B _ _ _ _ ck _ _ _

No - 16.

Is this picture in a province that has a premier that was arrested for drunk driving?

Yes - 15.

Is the mountain named for a Canadian Prime Minister?

No - 14.

Is the mountain inside a national park?

No - 13.

Is the body of water said to be inhabited by Ogopogo?

Also, is the body of water named after a First Nations chief?

Aha I have no idea how you would’ve figured that out.

Is this the same spot?


No - 12.

No - although I believe the name of the lake derives from a native language. 11.