Where is this? #30?

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

20 questions, no direct geography questions, eh.

A lot of historical significance in this place, I can think of 3 major events right away. Probably a bunch more too.

Also, they have really cool produce markets.

Is “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego” a hint?

Cairo, Egypt (according to google that’s where she is…)

No man, that’s Carmen there, selling tomatoes.

Didn’t you ever play that game? (or watch the TV show?)

white people in fur hats = eastern europe, or a south african costume party. there i narrowed it down for ya’ll.

Is that Peter Freeman on the right, cut in half?

Do the residents of this city mainly speak French?

No. 19

No. 18

No. 17

Do the residents of this city speak mainly English?


Is the climate in this location warm enough to grow all of the produce we see without the use of any kind of greenhouse? (I’m looking at the tomatoes)

I have no idea. How warm does it have to be to grow tomatoes ? Is the climate in Prince Rupert warm enough to grow tomatoes?

Edit: After doing some reading on the subject, it appears that yes, one could grow tomatoes without a greenhouse at this location. I doubt these old women imported the tomatoes. If you look around the photo a bit, there are other clues to the climate.

I know, but seeing the fresh tomatoes and people in winter jackets, I was a bit confused.

Is the country in the picture known for producing Stolichnaya?

It’s good to the last drop.

Yes. 14

The great thing about the “HTMF game” is that I get to look up the answers to all these questions.

Red Square?

No. 13

Also, I’m looking for the name of the town, not this particular street.

Is the population of this town > 1,000,000?