Where is this #29


I think so
(Mig is having a nap and left me to answer these so if I am wrong we will blame him)

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the Governor of that State?

I’ll be back.

heh. No Arnold is not the governator of this state. And I will indeed be back later. I think I am about to be forced to watch Grey’s Anatomy.

My sympathies. I’d rather have my private practiced than watch that…ha,ha.

Who’s anatomy did you say your going to explore?  :-D

Usually, at this juncture in the game, another clue/hint is “de rigueur”.

At this turtle speed, it will be way pass Easter before we find this Easter Egg.  :roll:



Maybe let others ask questions too?

…nobody (certainly not me) is interfering with anyone who wants to ask any question in this game

Sorry, that came out wrong.  Didn’t mean to sound so negative.

Must be a full moon.  Anybody else really lacking in sleep?

Is this place noted for having an observatory ?

Not that I am aware of… I checked the wikipedia page and there’s no mention of an observatory, and then I googled “this place observatory” and there was no mention.

Does it have the same name as charming, yet particularly small and yellow, character in Charlie Brown?

Big bird?

Looking on here:


The name of the place is not mentioned.

Edit:  must be the sunny day outside!  My brain works better at night, not in this bright light.

I had no idea who you were talking about.  Anyway, I think if you look at the earlier questions, you’ll find one about the Pacific Ocean, which I guess would exclude Woodstock, right?

Does the river in the photo empty into a major river,  or is it itself a major river?

As far as I can tell, the river itself might be considered major in the area (or in this town), but it empties into another river.  Geographically, you could probably consider this river a fork of the other river, but they have different names.  Hope that makes sense.  

Certainly not a yes/no answer, but I dunno how to answer it otherwise, 'cause I don’t know what would make it a “major” river.

Also, keep asking questions, but I might not be back on until later, have some Olympic stuff to watch, I guess.  That stuff is on tonight, right?

Also, there are 5 questions remaining.  I think.

I thought this river empties into the Pacific