Where is this #29

Culturally significant place.  

I won’t be on HTMF much until tomorrow evening, unfortunately.  So if nobody gets it tonight, futuregirl will have to answer questions.

Is the main religion of this country Mohammedan…Islamic?


Do people in this area speak with a North American accent?

Somewhere in the UK?

Depends what you mean by a North American accent?  I can think of 7 or 8 different accents in Canada, for example.  Are they all North American accents?

Rules here:  bit.ly/cyWlu6    No direct geography questions allowed, but I’m sure you can rephrase that more creatively.

Is it a island country ?

If you mean that the country takes up an entire island, no.

Is English the primary language spoken here?

do hobbits live there?



Does this country have Mr. Stephen Harper as Prime Minister?


Is Obama the president of this country?


Is this “culturally significant place” the recipient of a record snow blizzard that has been making news these last few days ?


can u get lei’d there?

Do the river seen in the photo empties itself in the Pacific Ocean?