Where is this? #24

20 questions to guess this location. No direct geographic questions.

  1. Is the green area farmland?
  2. Is it in the same continent in which I currently live?
  3. Is the building/complex in the middle of the picture an industrial complex of some kind?

Some of it is farmland, I think. Some may just be grass.

Depends where you live. Ask it in another way.

No, it is not an “industrial” complex.

18 left.

Ah, let’s throw in a weird two-degrees of separation hint:

Is this a military complex? And if it is not a military complex, is it a university/research complex?

Yes. 17.

Are the white buildings radar units?

They are those big geodesic domes (“golf balls”), but may or may not contain radars. My guess is none of them contain radars.

Do these domes cover missile silos?

No. 15.

Well, they might, but nothing I’ve read says they so.

Is this image located in a country that’s famous for hockey?

No. 14.

Is nobody gonna play off of the Safety Dance hint?

Is this site located in the country that has a goofball, Texas-born President?

No. 14.

Are the golf ball domes, radars or some kind… missle/fly object detection?

[quote=“Delirious”]Is this place in a country where uncle Sam wants you to join the military?

Are the golf ball domes, radars or some kind… missle/fly object detection?[/quote]

Just a friendly advice: You should read the previous posts in the thread.

Delirious, you need to ask a yes/no question.

Are the golf ball domes flying object radars?

I’m pretty sure I already answered that, but I’ll answer again.

No. 13

I really shouldn’t give this one up, but:


No. 14.[/quote]

This may not mean what you think it means.