Where is this? #24

Quite a nice island. Been there when I was younger… It was never second place (Don’t that that hint too seriously, just a word hint, not anything really about the place)
Good Luck!

Are both pictures of the same place?

Yes, but for whatever reason they didn’t paint trees in the painting but old photos have them.

19 left.

coastal island? if so, east or west?

Is the island inhabited by people to this day?

No. 18 left.

Yes, there are cottages there. 17 left.

located within canada?

According to BigThumb’s rules, specifics can’t be asked.

Part of a country with a maple leaf on it’s flag?

Yes. 16 left.

Were the buildings in the picture constructed by the Hudson Bay Company?


Nope. 15 left.

Okay, we’ve determined that it is in the country with the maple leaf on it’s flag. It is east of the province that starts with an “M”?

Yes. 14 Left.

Is it on a river?


Looks like a pretty sweet Island.

I’d like to get nekkid and run around on it for a few months…

[quote=“steph”]Is it on a river?


Nope, 13 Left.

Is the island on an “impressive” lake? some might say…“great”?

lol, it is quite a ‘great’ lake yes… 12 left.

some may say…“better than the others” perhaps?