Where is this# 22?


I don’t think you guys should need a hint. This will probably be a fairly easy one. If it’s difficult I’ll add a hint later though!

Good luck!

Is this a painting from a city where the clock Big Ben would be located?


Is this city where the Empire State Building now stands?

Is it Leonardo DiCaprio in Gangs of New York?


No not in New York

Alright. I guess it is hard without a hint. A famous person of science once stayed at this place.

Was this scientist a physicist?


Man, I love lime Jello. Seriously, I want to give the inventor a gold star. Mmmmm.

Is that scientist Ben Franklin?

Is this painting in a country where four leaf clovers and leprecauns are famous?

To both questions no. But to Mig in specific, the scientist spent most of his time outdoors.


Nope. To clarify it’s the building in specific. Although the building still isn’t in Lisbon (assuming it’s a town)

Henslow’s house? Where Darwin stayed a bunch…

Nope, and not Darwin who was in question. Good guess though!

The scientist didn’t WANT to stay at this place. Figure out the scientist and you’ll get it very quickly.

Is this scientest famous for his work on universal gravitation?

Sorry but no.

This scientist used very little math.

Hey, so I just heard “West End Girls” on the radio for like 5 seconds, but the important part is, before I even knew what I was listening to, I heard “from Lake Geneva to Finland Station”.