Where is this? #2

Ok, here’s a place.  The picture and the dot on the satellite image are the same place. 

Culturally interesting place.  20 questions.


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Does it snow there

Is my stockpiled Hennessey bottles stored there?

Its not impossible, but usually it doesn’t snow there.

19 left

maybe, 18 questions left.

Where is your “dot” on the map

bottom center, it’s the same building in the photo

17 left.

The Latin alphabet, no, not usually.

16 left

Do they speak spanish as there main language

no.  Spanish speakers tend to use the Latin alphabet.

15 left.

no, 14 left

When I saw the word latin I was thinking more from the old Roman days when they spoke latin

Is it on the continent of Asia?

That’s a direct geography question.


No need to shout.

My understanding is that you’re not supposed to ask direct geography questions (ie: is this in Canada?  Is this in North America?  Is this between 15 degrees and 45 degrees west?).  So you just have to phrase it differently.  For example if you want to know if something is in the Southern Hemisphere, you would ask “Is it Summer there right now?”

BigThumb can you clarify the rules?

Sorry! My cap lock was on.
I woun’t shout at a pretty girl like you with such a cute little behind

Is there palms trees growing there?

yes, 13 left

I would say that most people would drive cars there but historically I guess they rode camels.